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St Philomena's Oil (genuine)

St Philomena's Oil (genuine)

The Oil of St. Philomena is a sacramental of the Church and any
oil not originating from the Sanctuary of St. Philomena in Mugnano del
Cardinale –
Avellino Italy , simply is
not St. Philomena oil. The blessed oil is distributed to our official
approved worldwide Centres and to all the devotees that make request.

Holy Oil CANNOT BE REPLICATED; please distrust in any other
organization that may distribute oil which is not the original blessed
oil of St. Philomena and does not come in the original red bottles of
the Sanctuary, shown in the following pictures.

The lamp that burns before the Sacred Body of St. Philomena

and the original bottles of blessed oil of St. Philomena.

are other oils being distributed worldwide by devotional private
movements that is not the original oil of St. Philomena and have no
contact with the Sanctuary. Please distrust in the ones distributed by
the Living Rosary in Dickenson, Texas, USA - run by Patti & Richard
Melvin, the St. Philomena Shrine in Miami Florida - run by Fr. Timothy
Hopkins, a few associations in Switzerland, Philippine, Germany and
Ukraine which is not the Sacred oil of St. Philomena that comes from
the Sanctuary. As we have no contact with them, even though many think
that these associations are linked to us. They were revoked many years
back for not following the directives and many guidelines. To help all
of you distinguish the original and false oil of St. Philomena, please
keep in mind the original bottles of the Sanctuary.

The original red bottles of the Blessed oil of St. Philomena this is distributed from the Sanctuary here.

Oil which is not original

very important thing that was done in the last few weeks and today; the
Living Rosary Association of Dickenson Texas- USA , sent out
newsletters to a list of our devotee's mailing list. I personally
apologise for this and exhort you to not confuse their newsletters with
our official ones, as I received plenty of e-mails asking me if the
newsletter was linked to the Sanctuary and if it was approved by me.
They have no approval from me to do this and if this was possible for
them to send you all the newsletter, it was only done through our Ex
web master Richard Fox still having a copy of the mailing list in his
possession. For those of you that are not informed of the whole back
scenes of this matter, he is working as their webmaster now majorly to
try and disturb our good work from the Sanctuary. For further
information of this situation please read my previous newsletter of
December 2009. If you do not want to receive their newsletters anymore
please unsubscribe from them on their link at the bottom of their

I have worked many years to try
and spread the message to clarify the importance of the original
Sacramental blessed oil of St. Philomena, informing all the worldwide
devotees of the truth, but this still remains a daily question that I
receive from many devotees. Hoping that these frequent detailed
newsletters will help you all spread the word of this frustrating
worldwide abuse of the blessed oil of St. Philomena, plus all the other
situations which I am informing you of through my recent newsletters.

I said in my last newsletter, it is time that all the worldwide
devotees are informed of the truth regard the devotion to St. Philomena
for Her major glory and triumph worldwide. The new year is also a new
beginning for the various strategies that I have to face and tackle, there is saying that says “a bold man confronts danger without fear”
as Rector of the Sanctuary of St. Philomena, custodian of Saint
Philomena's Sacred Body and President of the Universal
Archconfraternity of St. Philomena it is my duty to fight back and
protect the Sanctuary of St. Philomena which is Her and all the Saint's
worldwide devotees home on Earth.

“To love Saint Philomena is to love Her Sanctuary Her home on earth”

often travel a lot to various worldwide countries to visit all the
worldwide devotees and official centres that do not have the
possibility to come and visit the Sanctuary here. My next coming visit
in the beginning of February will be to some states, churches and
devotional centres in the USA :

You will find
full details following below in this newsletter. Hoping to meet some of
you during the various gatherings and bless you with the Sacred Relic
of our dear Princess.

In the meantime, I
assure you of our prayers, invoking the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary
through the intercession of St. Philomena.


If you would like to receive a Bottle of St. Philomena's original
blessed oil direct from the Sanctuary here, please send a $5,00 dollar
donation to help cover the shipping cost. (They use Paypal)

Support the Sanctuary of Saint Philomena

“To love Saint Philomena is to love Her Sanctuary

Her home on earth”

you can, please send a donation, if not pray for the works of the
Sanctuary, tell people about them and spread the devotion to our Little


See: free newsletter:

(The official St Philomena Shrine/Website)

Again, to get your St Philomena Oil direct from the source, the Shrine in Italy, check out (the official website) and check the store out.

You can get a 2nd class relic as well there.

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