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Media is one of the fastest way to reach out to souls to come back to God while it is the time for mercy, and in line with our goal to involve mass media in spreading the message of Gods love and mercy to mankind and to reconcile souls with God, the DIVINE MERCY TV CHANNEL (DMC) was launched in February 22, 2002, on the 17th year anniversary of the DM-SLPM, to be able to reach out to even more souls.

DMC is currently broadcasting God's mercy to souls 24 hours a day through video streaming (internet TV) for FREE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, powered by NetVision.
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DMC is able to communicate and enhance a persons spirituality by taking advantage of the continuous innovations of technology. DMC utilizes the power of the internet wherein anyone anywhere could watch the channel for free with just their computers and an internet connection simply by going to our website,

Furthermore, DMC also saw and made use of the power of the innovations in telecommunication, specifically MMS and SMS, more commonly known as text messaging by launching Divine Mercy in my phone. This program enables anyone with a mobile phone to know more about the messages of our Lord to St. Faustina by receiving daily messages from the Diaries of St. Faustina by means of simply subscribing by keying-in DMC ON and sending it to 2256. The program also enables the user to download in their phones various images such as the image of Divine Mercy and St. Faustina.

The channel is a clear and concrete tool used to spread the message and devotion to the Divine Mercy. What's more is that the channel enables anyone and everyone who helps spread our Lords work and message of mercy to claim our Lords promise that, Souls who spread the honor of My mercy, I shield through their entire life as a tender mother her infant, and at the hour of death, I will not be a judge for them but the Merciful Savior. (Diary Entry # 1075)

The DIVINE MERCY Say a Little Prayer MOVEMENT/ 3 O' Clock Habit a non-stock, non-profit Catholic lay organization was founded in 1985 by Bro. Don de Castro to answer our Lords call to announce to humanity the Gospel message of His mercy, and to set forth new forms of devotion to God as Mercy for everyone, especially for the ones who need it most.

With the support of radio, television and print media, the Movement launched the now widely known 3 OCLOCK HABIT a moment of prayer every 3 oclock in the afternoon, remembering the passion of our Lord in praying for peace for the whole world. The 3 oclock prayer is aired daily in different Metro Manila and provincial radio and television stations to date.

DM-SLPM is a service-oriented Movement with a main objective to propagate the Message and Devotion to the Divine Mercy, and perform the corporal and spiritual works of mercy in accordance with the messages revealed by our Lord Jesus Christ to a simple Polish nun, St. Maria Faustina Kowalska.

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