Tuesday, January 12, 2010

St Jean Eudes Prayer

Here is one of his prayers to the Sacred Heart:

Oh, how good and delightful it is to dwell in the Heart of Jesus! Thy Heart, O good Jesus, is a precious treasure, a precious pearl which we have found by digging the field of Thy Body. Who will cast aside this pearl? Nay, rather I will give all I have, I will exchange all my thoughts and desires and purchase it. I will cast all my care on the Heart of the Lord Jesus and He will provide for me without fail. I will adore in this temple, this Holy of Holies, this Ark of the Testament, and I will praise the name of the Lord, saying with David, "I have found my heart that I may pray to my God. And I have found the heart of my King, my Brother, my Friend, the benign Jesus, and why shall I not adore?" Assuredly I shall pray. For His Heart is mine. I will say it boldly, for Christ is my Head, is not what belongs to my Head mine? Therefore as the eyes of my corporal head are truly my eyes, so is my spiritual heart my heart. Therefore, it is well with me: truly I have but one Heart with Jesus and what wonder that there should be but one heart with the multitude of believers. Amen.

"The Catholic Church
is like a thick steak,
a glass of red wine,
and a good cigar."
G.K. Chesterton :-)

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