Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prayer of Admiration and Praise

To God, "How wonderful You are." I quote Augustine:

"You love without subjection to passion.
You are jealous but not with fear.
You can know repentance but not sorrow,
be angry and unperturbed by anger.
You can change the things You have made
but Your mind remains changeless.
You find and receive back what You never lost;
are never in need but rejoice over Your gains;
are not greedy but demand interest manifold.
Men pay You more that they have to in order to win from You in return,
yet who has anything which is not already Yours?
You owe nothing, yet pay as if You were in debt to Your creatures.
Forgive what is owed to You, yet without losing thereby.
And with all this what have I said,
My God and my life and my sacred delight.
What can anyone say when he speaks of You?
Yet woe to them who are silent about You.
When even those who say most are but dumb."

When people tell us, "how wonderful you are!" we are thrilled! Let us show that admiration to God and thrill Him, too! :-)

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