Monday, January 4, 2010

Some Thoughts about God....

"My name is The Lord Almighty!"  (Is 51:15)

He is worthy!  God is God.  Anything else is a false god, a false idol.

God doesn't want a divided heart. (Who would?!)

He says He is a jealous God for ALL our love.

"But TRUST in the Lord, RELY ON YOUR God." (Is 50:10)

"The BODY was DESIGNED to be a TEMPLE OF GOD." (1 Cor. 3:16)

Psalm 127:1 says,

"Unless the LORD builds the house (ie: you!), they labor in vain who build it."

Have a ravenous appetite for His Word.

"Taste and see how GOOD the Lord is!" (Pslm 34:8)

"Listen, listen to me, and EAT WHAT IS GOOD (The Word!) and your soul will DELIGHT in the RICHEST FARE (nothing is better or higher!)...." (Is 55:2)

God IS sufficient and satisfying!  "It's living and effective"

"Every morning He makes me EAGER TO HEAR what HE is going to TEACH ME."  (Is 50:4)  

(Of course, that implies that I am listening with an open heart and desire to HEAR Him.)


"With man, this IS impossible, BUT WITH GOD, ALL THINGS are possible!!"  (Matt 19:26) 

"The Lord shall FIGHT FOR YOU and you shall hold your peace."  (Ex 14:14)

When tempted GOD WILL PROVIDE A WAY OUT (but you have to LOOK for it & take Him up on it!).  (1Cor 10:13) 


"...BE STRONG, and DO NOT GIVE UP, for your work will be rewarded!" (2Chron 15:7)

...His INCOMPARABLY GREAT POWER FOR US who believe.  That POWER is like the WORKING OF HIS MIGHTY STRENGTH."  (Eph 1: 18-19)

He has a PLAN, a HOPE, and  a FUTURE for us!!  (Jer 29:11)  He has his New Year Goals for you! ;)

His dreams are FAR GREATER than our own.

God loves YOU and accepts you completely.  His desire is to TRANSFORM each of us FROM WITHIN.  

His plans are WONDROUS and beyond FATHOMING!

He is your LIBERATOR!  You were created to be FREE.  He gave you HIS PEACE.  He LIGHTENS your burdens.

"The Lord YOUR God is WITH YOU.  He is MIGHTY to save YOU.  He will take GREAT DELIGHT in YOU.  He will QUIET YOU with HIS LOVE.  He will rejoice OVER YOU with SINGING." (Zeph 3:17)

You are a miraculous masterpiece.  God has unfathomable love for you.  He is love and He loves EACH.  This love is NOT based on your performance.....He will call a sin a sin, as He is Truth, and abhor the sin, because He is Pure...but He always LOVES YOU!!

Our bodies are jars of clay made PRICELESS by the CONTENTS within!  (God, the Holy Spirit!)

"But WE HAVE THIS TREASURE [the presence of God] in jars of clay to show that this ALL SURPASSING POWER is from God and NOT from us." (2 Cor 4:7)


BUT, WE are NOT the contents of the vessel, GOD IS. 

 We cannot PRODUCE His life in us, but we CAN REFLECT IT.

The beauty and value of the vessel  is found in WHAT IT CONTAINS.  

The BODY was DESIGNED to be a TEMPLE OF GOD." (1 Cor. 3:16)

"Do you not know that YOU ARE A TEMPLE of the Holy Spirit?!"

Consistent Bible-theme = the desire of a holy God to dwell among mortals.  

To be in a heart-to-heart relationship with the creatures He made OUT OF LOVE and crowned above all other creation!

Appreciate the great intensity of God's revolutionary words:

"Let them MAKE ME A SANCTUARY (our interior soul!) that I may DWELL AMONG THEM." (Ex 25:8)

We MUST welcome Him and His friendship and Lordship and OPEN our HEARTS.

"THERE I will MEET WITH THEE, I will COMMUNE with thee." (Ex 25:22)

God's glorious incomprehensible desire is to MEET with humans!  HE DESIRES OUR INTIMATE FRIENDSHIP & LOVE.

Is your focus on YOUR WILL BE DONE or GOD'S WILL BE DONE??   


"My food is to DO THE WILL OF THE FATHER."  (Jesus said in John 4:34)

Do you act as if you were a TEMPLE of GOD??

WHO is God in whom I am asked to trust??

"GOD IS LOVE." (1John 4:8)

"....for Thou hast created ALL things (YOU! ME!) and FOR THY PLEASURE they ARE and WERE created!"  (Rev 4:11)

You are here for God's pleasure and glory!  He didn't create us so that He could have a front row seat at an ongoing saga of our follies and failures.

He created us because He DELIGHTS in us!  Not because He needed us, but HE WANTED us!!  The act was based on the pleasure of His Will!

He doesn't just LOVE us---He likes us!!! :-)

Whether you like it or not, GOD IS CRAZY ABOUT YOU!!!!

Let's use this year to "rebuild our temple".....make it even better for such a wonderful God!  

Remember when he said to St Francis...."Rebuild My Temple, it is in ruins." ??  That could very well be said of mankind today.

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