Monday, January 4, 2010

MonteMaria Shrine, Batangas, Philippines

Monte Maria : a breathtaking shrine to Mama Mary in the Philippines (Address below to donate if you wish).

A prayer to our Lord through the intercession of our Mother Mary

September 8 is the birthday of Mama Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mary as she is fondly called by Pinoys. In the not so distant future, Filipinos will take pride in having a shrine dedicated to Mama Mary, Mother of the Poor. The shrine, renamed Monte Maria, located on a mountain peninsula overlooking Batangas Bay on the right and the Verde island on the left, will be like no other in the world. On the tip of the peninsula, a large statue of the Blessed Virgin will be constructed. Stretching 33 stories high, it will be taller than the statue in Rio de Janeiro. 1001 spiral steps will lead to the crown of Mother Mary. Half way up will be a view deck, a perpetual adoration chapel and a 1000 seat chapel. As well a large oratory to the Blessed Virgin Mary will be built on the site. In the lower ground of the oratory, images of popular Philippine Marian devotions – Our Lady of Manaoag, Our Lady of Pe├▒afrancia, Our Lady of Piat, Ina Poon Bato, Our Lady of Caysasay, Our Lady of Antipolo, Our Lady of Mediatrix and Birhen ng Barangay - will be displayed. Monte Maria will be a house of prayer for international pilgrims to come for peace, healing and spiritual rejuvenation.

With the ground-breaking celebration held at Pinamukan, Batangas City on January 7, 2007, the Feast of the Epiphany, and with support coming from all over the world, Fr. Fernando Suarez’ vision is slowly coming to reality. In all his talks while here in Winnipeg, Fr. Fernando emphasized that God, through the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Virgin is using him as an instrument of healing. Monte Maria, he said, is a place being set aside from all eternity for the Blessed Mother so that the nation will be healed and that the poor will be raised up to the dignity and respect they deserve as the children of God.

Those who want to support this project can send their tax-deductible donations to: Mary Mother of the Poor – Monte Maria U.S.A. 1150 N. Kregmont Dr.,Glendora CA 91741

MONTEMARIA is a project of Mary Mother of the Poor Foundation (MMPF), an apostolic initiative being led by Fr. Fernando Suarez Healing Ministry. MMPF is an apostolic initiative whose aim is to ‘seek holiness in evangelizing and working with the poor through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.’

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