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Background on the Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry

The ministry is an undertaking of the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM), a Vatican-approved Catholic religious congregation of sisters. The RVM was founded by Mother Ignacia, after whom the ministry is named.

The ministry had small beginnings. When Sister Raquel Reodica, a member of the RVM congregation, was bestowed her healing powers in 1991, she began healing those who approached her. A great portion of these people she has healed through the years were terminal cases, especially from cancer. This is why she has been tagged as ‘cancer healer for the Lord’. Sister Gloria, the other RVM healing nun, started healing as far back as the early 50s. There are other RVM sisters who heal or assist in healing, such as Mother Remy, the mother superior at the healing center as of this writing, December 2006, and Sister Rosales.

Later, because of television and newspaper coverages, the number of visitors ballooned into huge proportions. It was not until many months when the ministry was formalized, not so much in terms of registered name but in terms of volunteers, mostly from those who were healed, helping in the ministry in many different ways. The number of visitors, some from distant lands, gradually tapered into manageable size today.

The primary goal of the ministry is to render healing - spiritual, mental, physical, or financial. The secondary goal is to give material support for the poor in terms of food, scholarships and other means.

There is a free downloadable e-book and/or you can join the Prayer Warriors from the site above.

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