Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thank you :)

Nice to see you over coffee again!
Missed your presence.

Thank you for your patience while I am sick.

I got the flu 1-15-09 & it hit me hard (in bed a not me!).
I was weak from it and caught a cold immediately after.
My body got so worn down...
after the 2nd week sick I went to the doctor
who said my white blood cell count was so low, very below normal...
so he gave me a steroid shot to help me somehow.

It is now 2-4-09 and I'm still weakish and my breathing is still sort of "hard" (like asthma sort of feeling). Frustrating and a big lesson in patience (with myself!).
I want to run...and I can only crawl! LOL

So, I am guessing by next Monday I should be back to normal. :)

Meanwhile, please check out a new site I made and will update daily (M-F).
It is strictly Catholic Quotes.

Stop by.
Tag your Catholic site on the TAG box so that people can visit it!
(Insert your name, your catholic blog/website link , and the "message" is your blog/site NAME)

Must go for now.

It's been nice to have coffee with you!

Kelly ;)

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