Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Catholicism Project ...Trailer

Hi, I'm up late due to my little one being up late...little stinker.

Anyhow, I'm not having coffee because it will keep me up...however, I am looking through my emails and my mother sent me this...and I am forwarding it to you!

Tomorrow I have to take my son to the dentist (dentith :P) and I may not have time to share coffee conversation with it's good to post now in the wee-early morn.

Top of the morn' to you! ;)

Soon you can discover the rich heritage of the Catholic Church in an epic media experience. Word on Fire Catholic Ministries offers a vision of the Catholic Faith, which has never before been seen. This vision seeks to explore, through a global journey, the living culture of the Catholic Church. From the lands of the Bible, to the great shrines of Europe, to the shores and heartland of America, to the mysteries of Asia, to the rich landscapes of Latin America, to the beating heart of Africa - and beyond, witness the passion and glory of the faith that claims over a billion of the earth’s people as its own.
Now in production.
Ten-part series for release on TV and DVD: Fall 2010.

This magnificent television event is hosted by Father Robert Barron.

Please click here to donate via their site and/or to see the trailer!!


umblepie said...

Thanks for the information, looks as though it could be really interesting. I will keep tabs on this.

Patricia said...

Kelly, Thank you for passing along our" Word On Fire" ministry information. This is an exciting time for us as we work together to bring God's word to Catholics and those searching for the hope and peace of Jesus's message. Please let me know if you need any more information about our work here at WOF.