Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Busy catching up after so long being "down" with the flu.
(I am still sniffling and have a teeny left over that I'll keep an eye on.)

Not in full swing, but, while sitting inside on this cold dark day
I made up this Confession blog on blogger.
Feel free to check it out:
Get To Confession.

I'll add more when I can, but that was a LOT for me today...phew! ;P
I get tired easily still.

If you have any nice Confession links to sites, podcasts, or interviews, and wish to share them with others, let me know!
E-mail me and I'll add them.

Must get to bed. It's been a long day.

Today is the first day my chest is not hurting badly (I was going to rush to the doctor today).
I had a dream last night that I was in a Church building (not the chapel part, but just the big building part). I asked someone where the Adoration chapel was. They told me "First right after you enter the front door." I was like "hmmmm" and snuck away to see it! ;)
Well, low-and-behold, I didn't find any adoration chapel, but I did come across this HUGE HUGE statue of Mary, Our Lady of Grace! It was like the statue of libery.
There was this big bed (?) below it and I layed down to gaze up and contemplate it.
It was made of medal.
I noticed it move then..and quickly shut my eyes as if I were asleep...but I peeked!
I saw Mary take an angel that looked like 2 feet tall and in a white gown and she tenderly was straightening out the wrinkles of the gown and stuff...very sweetly.
When she was done, she let the little angel "go"...and went back to a statue!
I then opened my eyes as if I didn't see it, but I was wondering about it.
That's when I woke up.

You know, sometimes we have these funny dreams and don't know what to make of them (and perhaps nothing!). But, I always enjoy a dream where I see Mary :)) Don't you?!

Anyhow, have a good night.
We are expecting an ice storm in Dallas tonight.
I bet there will be no school tomorrow! Oh happy day! ;P

(PS: Sorry I didn't get the opportunity to change my music on here yet!)

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