Sunday, February 22, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request for Fr. Robert, CFR!

In the mailbox...
Subject: CFR events and Urgent Prayer Request for Fr. Robert, CFR!

*Urgent Prayer Request for Fr. Robert Stanion, CFR*
Please pray fervertnly for Fr. Robert Stanion, CFR, one of the founders.
His condition is very, very serious and he is in great need of prayer.
As we begin our preparations for Lent, let us offer up some small sacrifices for his healing!
Updates on Fr. Robert's health:
Join with those who are praying:

The friars are asking us to say this special prayer for him each day, if we can:
"O Mother of Divine Mercy, look with compassion on your son and servant, Father Robert. Extend your hands of healing upon him. Invoke the all-powerful name of Jesus! Invoke your Spouse, the Life-giving and Holy Spirit to descend like a sweet and gentle dew upon your faithful servant. Drive away every illness! Draw down healing from on high! Yes Mother, we choose to hope and pray. May the will of the Father be accomplished for His glory and the good of your servant. We pray through Christ Our Lord. Amen!"

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