Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Pauline Year...sources :)


Sitting and having a fast coffee on a very gloomy day (need interior lights on at 2:00pm CST).
Came across some resources to share with you for the Pauline Year...
Pope Benedict 16th declared this the Year of St Paul (cool!).
I tried to share it earlier, but Scribefire messed it up ;).

Some resources for the Pauline Year:
1) Our Sunday Visitor: Deepen your faith during the Year of St Paul.
2) Official Pauline Year Website.
3) Special Indulgences for the Pauline Year

I absolutely love St Paul...he's such a major "goodie" to contemplate!
A few of the things I think of when I think of him is how fiercely zealous he was in pursuing the truth as he thought it was...BUT, he was wrong....and saw that AFTER God, who is TRUTH itself, opened his eyes reminds me about how we need to be sure we are in God's truth and not just using our own minds to "reason up" truth....because we can be sincere, but sincerely wrong! We can have misplaced compassion and be in sin. So, we need to ground ourselves in TRUTH...and there is only one truth...and it has a name: Jesus. The way, the truth, and the soon as St Paul was instantly converted, he was "on his way" which was following God, he was "in the light" and in the Truth....on the real correct path this time. It reminds me also that there is ALWAYS hope for conversion for those we think there is no hope. St Paul would have never guessed he'd be a Christian and also "ST PAUL" at that!! :P Nobody else would have guesses either! But, God gives graces. Somebody obviously was praying for this St Paul. Perhaps they saw he was sincere but sincerely WRONG. ("Behold, I make all things new."--Scripture "Nothing is impossible with God" --Scripture).

We all have those we pray for...for their conversion back to God or just to God for the first time. And, for many we think, we'll pray for them, but I can never imagine THEIR conversion! :P Well, we must never lose hope! That shows a lack of trust in the Divine Mercy. We must always pray and hope and not worry about things that we can't worry about. Conversions lie with the soul and God...we play our part by praying for sinners...for the grace of conversion. God came for sinners and loves all souls. All without exception. St Paul is a shining example that anyone can be converted at any moment, too! Keep the faith! Keep praying!

St Paul also reminds me to "keep on keeping on"....even when I am "in jail"...whatever that form of "jail" may be.....even when I am "locked up"..."bound"....even when I am tired....even when I see I have a lot of "miles ahead"....even when it seems that it's easier to die than to keep up the good fight LOL...we must keep up the good will come!.... St Paul felt that way and kept on keeping on for our sakes....for souls. We are God's hands and feet and mouth and touch here on earth....we need to be here as long as He wishes and to be his instruments of love, charity, mercy, forgiveness, hope,etc.

I just love reflecting on St Paul, don't you?!

What a guy! What a saint!

Thank you, St Paul, for your role in the Church history!

Pray for us, St Paul!

Coffee break is over...

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