Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!

I was offline so I didn't get to wish you it on my blog (but did in my heart *wink*) but I am wishing you a very blessed and Merry Christmas now!

What is the Catholic Liturgical Year? Here is a link to check out:

(I like to leave long real links so you can see what you are clicking or in case you like to typei it yourself into your browser).

How long to YOU personally leave up your lights and Christmas Decor?  It is not regulated and it is purely up to you. We tend to wait until Jan 5th/6th for the most part. We see more people leaving them up/on longer lately v.s. the 26th "tear down".

As for us, we had 2 sick kids over Christmas (one had to miss Christmas Mass). So, we enjoyed everyone (there are 6 of us)  just being "off" work/school and being relaxed together at home. I didn't really get any nice Christmas photos due to the sick ones this year and insert sad face here! lol  Maybe my daughter will re-dress up and fake a few nice shots. (I really will try to get her to. ha. I'd love a picture in her new lovely Christmas least one!).  We do not have any relatives in the state so we have no visiting to do, so it really has been relaxing (tee-hee).

Well, I hope you had a nice Christmas and I still hope you are enjoying the joy of it!

God bless you!


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