Friday, December 14, 2012


Tomorrow, my little girl makes her first Reconciliation.

So sweet a child.

We all once were so sweet and innocent.

I love looking at her baby cheeks and her big saucer blue eyes.

It is nice to know we can always be forgiven when we sin (if we are truly repentant & also intend to not do that sin anymore) by Christ Jesus.
And, your soul can be washed clean again.
Fresh start.
Jesus doesn't put a limit on His Love for you, 
nor how many times He is willing to forgive you.
Fresh start.
Whenever you want it.
Whenever you are truly repentant and have full intentions not to commit that sin again.
It's too much a gift to even think about.
You could think about it forever.
The depth of Love there is incredible and infinite.
That is how much you and I are loved. 

Never let your arrogance or pride tell you "but THIS sin CANNOT be forgiven!"
It could be!
Do not insult God by putting limits on Him. 
Who do you think you are? 
It is arrogance and pride that make you think that.
Think about it.
Humble yourself.
Look at the Crucifix and Passion scene.
That was for you and for ANY sin you may commit in your earthly life 
He wants you in Heaven for Eternity 
and He was willing to do whatever He had to to give you EVERY hope!
You are loved THAT much.
In fact, your confession of "THAT" sin gladdens His Heart!
He knows that you want to be with Him for Eternity
and He definately WANTS YOU!
That is why He created YOU!
To live with Him forever in Heaven a wonderful eternal life.
All it takes is being humble and repentant
and a firm purpose of admendment of your life.
That is it!
Do not let arrogance or pride let you miss out on a 
blissful beautiful eternity in Heaven!

If you have not, read the Diary of St Faustina.
It is very much there where Jesus lays out all about His Divine Mercy.
He gave messages to St Faustina all about it and 
wants the messages read by sinners to help them
understand His great Love and great Mercy!

It is said (and I think true!) that Satan takes away all your shame while you are sinning
but gives it back in spades when it comes to confessing them!!

So, your fear does not come from God.
God doesn't give out fear.  Satan does.

So, feel the fear and do it anyways if you are fearful!

And, afterwards, treat yourself to a big ice cream or pizza piece or some celebatory dessert.
After all, all of Heaven is rejoicing!
You are back!
Welcome home! :)

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