Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

( Off this week)

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving (Americans ;) )!

A day when we reflect on our Thanksgiving for blessings that we have.

I have been reflecting on that and it's a bit overwhelming to think of ALL your blessings in your there are so start feeling a little ungrateful for having all these blessings yet on a normal daily basis kind of "forgetting" them...and letting the "small stuff" upset you (like a spilled cup of cappuccino! ;)). "Don't sweat the small stuff"

So many blessings!

So much to be grateful for! :)))

Trying to offer the best Thanksgiving by starting my day (tomorrow) with the Holy Sacrifice of Mass :))

Thursday, November 20, 2008

250K Tax Takeaways

Hi, here for a quick Catholic Cappuccino as I am listening to "Going My Way" on Catholic (what a fun cute show!).

I read on "Busted Halo"
this quote:

BH: President Elect Obama has promised no increase in taxes
for 95 percent of the population, but an increase in taxes for the
wealthiest members of our country. What is your opinion on this
potential policy?

Do I think those that make $250,000 or more should have their tax
cuts expire that Mr. Bush put into place? Yes, because those who do
well and have more than they need, have a responsibility to care for
those who don’t. Does it mean that some people may get hand outs who
don’t deserve it? Yes, but on the whole most people receiving aid need
that help and as a society, we should care for them. — J. Michael Brown

JMB: Do I think those that make $250,000 or more
should have their tax cuts expire that Mr. Bush put into place? Yes,
because those who do well and have more than they need, have a
responsibility to care for those who don’t. Does it mean that some
people may get hand outs who don’t deserve it? Yes, but on the whole
most people receiving aid need that help and as a society, we should
care for them.

I was wondering what you think of John Michael Brown's reply.

As a Christian, of course, we NEED to care for the needy. To me, that is a "gimme" as we say.

But, I don't think it needs to come from a person making 250k.

250K may sound like "a lot" of thoughts on it are this:

1) They applied themselves in life and worked hard to pay for an education and sacrificed "partying" for studying...which is hard for a young person. Disciplined himself.

2) This person making 250K may have a stay at home wife and many children. It's odd how we are so willing to take from his large family (he has many kids to feed and educate and car for and buy cars for and help with University for)...when he deliberately took this path that took lots of "sacrifice" of his younger life to finally reach 250k in salary.

3) His wife may not be an individual who works making 150K a year would not be taxed or thought of as "rich" (or, if it were a gay "couple" that would be 300 a year w/o any tax cuts, not thought of as "rich")....but this man, married, makes less than that 150k person who is single and will have to take the hit...although the single man has hardly any expense compared to this married man of a large family (in said example). Families are costly. Education for them is costly. Cars are costly (not like when we were young). Homes are costly. 250k does not go that far for a single maker of it with a large family...there seems to be no thought of that. The person making 250k a year perhaps had in mind all along to work and study hard so he could get a good job to support a large family and have their mother be at home.

4) This is America which runs on capitalism. A person is allowed to dream and work hard and be rewarded. He should not be limited if people are willing to pay him.

5) The Poor SHOULD be taken care of and their needs. This is true.

6) America is only like 6 percent of the earth's citizen's yet consumes like 40 percent of everything. That is NOT good.

7) There are very bad governments out there as well that live rich (at the top leadership) and let their people live in squalor and take funding/food from our country and sell it for themselves or whatever, but the poor do NOT get it. That is not good.

8) People have to learn that you need to work hard and earn your way "By the sweat of your brow"...nowhere does it state you get a free ride for life. In fact, that takes away the dignity and nobility of man. Sitting around young & healthy waiting for a check in the mail is wrong.

9) Those who studied and were responsible people, sacrificing much to get their education and career going should not be penalized for those who wish to be more bummy and just party and be "Peter Panny" and not grow those who wish to "try their hand at becoming a rock star" and just live barely day by day just drinking, getting high, sex, and rock and roll. These latter should have to take the hit for their choice...not the one who bypassed that (even if they wanted to do that) and decided to be serious students and work hard and put themselves through school and work HARD at work and travel and do whatever it takes at work to do a great job and be rewarded for it financially.

10) Many of those at the "top" of the big American countries get paid way too much in their packages. So many leave their positions (for whatever reasons) with untold millions upon millions...even if they brought their company DOWN and forced layoffs and job pay cuts. That is materialism and greed at its worse and completely wrong. There is a level of working hard and getting paid well and just sheer greed (more $$ than you even assist your company). These need to be toned WAY down.

11) Greed really exists at the top top of companies (CEO's, CFO's,etc). Most every single one does NOT need a private jet. First class will do. I worked for the airlines and many times came across tickets for a "Kennedy" that was traveling not only on a regular airline, but coach class!

12) We need to address the GREED (like the car company exec's who want the government to give them welfare and yet they don't change a thing: the still fly in private jets and go to fancy places and do fancy things costing $$$ and not doing anything personal to reduce as they ask their employees to do...or to aid in not killing their company and countless employees livelihoods.).

13) We do need ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE address the poor. I just don't feel that a person making just 250k should have to take the hit and have the government take his money by force and give it to others.

So, anyhow, those are just a few thoughts I had on it. I am against it. We have a lot of bums that are HEALTHY and do NOT work. I personally know some who are in their 30's and are still living a pretty bummy life...never going to college or giving their future a thought...they just like to party and "be cool" and "hang" with friends. I think it would be injustice to take from the opposite sort of fellow who sacrificed, chose to be responsible and worked from the bottom up to get to his 250k level in his 40's perhaps to have to carry the dead weight of the bum. As for the poor and their needs and their medical over this needs to be addressed...ALL countries are bad here and America is not the worst...but she still needs to do something to care for our honest poor, our sick poor and see they have the basics that every human should have: food, shelter, clothing, education, a place to live...but I think we need to find a better way to address it other than zapping the good citizens. Tap perhaps into the GREEDY ones. There's a huge difference between 250k or even 500k a year and those making millions upon millions upon those who die and leave 20 million to their cat and not a living breathing poor soul....not to build a water well for the thirsty in Africa...etc. President elect Obama is going to the White House from a 2million dollar home...that is not "normal" in America..that is not a "normal" family..that is a RICH family. He, up to this time, never had anyone take from his paycheck and he even worked deals w/ friends to obtain a little more land by his home that he couldn't afford the entire parcel of....VP elect Biden was said to be super stingy up until VERY recently giving (per official records) only like 100.00 a year in donations! Your typical poor American Christian family does more than that per year.

Anyhow, those were a few thoughts I had while reading about that on "Busted Halo".

What do you think on it? Helping the poor is a big subject. It must be done, but at the same time, it must be done justly.

Your thoughts?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!

Hi, I'm sneaking a late night cup of cappuccino after putting the kids to bed, thanks for joining're up late, too, it's so quiet right now.....sometimes this quiet late night time is a "catch 22" because as much as I love it, I am tired and should be going to sleep....what to do?! :P I'll share a few thoughts as we sip.....let me know what you think......

I was just thinking about something....purity. Flipping through TV stations, I am overwhelmed by sex and sexy-sexy "lust". "Why do they PUSH this stuff down our throats?" I wonder.

Our society is "opposite" of purity (so to speak and to be very general about it). God is purity....purity is truth...God is truth. Society rebels against God and anything that reminds them (guilt factor?) of "Him" Lady Purity.

Ever notice purity is even MOCKED? If you calmly think about it (even if not a big fan of purity but an "honest just" thinker)....why mock something that is "good?" (And, I'm not talking kids here, but adults...adults in the media industry...from movies to news). I would think if I were steeped in porn and that free-sex lifestyle...when I'd meet up against someone who is pure or for purity...I would not want to destroy their purity or mock them for making a "good" choice. I would think (if I were living opposite of purity), "Man! That's one difficult choice! I can't believe they are choosing that over awesome sex, but that's their choice and I respect them for it because it seems like the most difficult noble choice. I respect them (him/her) for that!"

Remember that movie: "The 40 year old Virgin?" I didn't see it, obviously, but just the previews and all the "actors" giving big laughing interviews about what a geek this guy is because he's over 40 and a virgin and also how laughable it is because "like that really exists" and a big laugh over that.

Now, anyone can understand that having free sex with whoever you are attracted to whenever you want may "feel good"....duh. As we say, "No S*&#T, Sherlock." It is as if those who are steeped in the free sex lifestyle think we "don't get it." I wonder why their thought process doesn't go a little deeper and figure out that anyone gets that....but, obviously, the choice goes much deeper. The choice not to live that playboy lifestyle: it's not that we don't understand a sexual feeling, etc. Do they ever think that perhaps we see man(kind) as noble beings (above the animal species) created in God's image...beautiful with such dignity? We cannot act like animals as that would be an insult to our Creator...Purity itself. He gave us sex for His own intended purposes. We don't make our own purposes up. We bow to our King. We surrender to His loving desires for us. He tells us we are fearfully and wonderfully made and noble...have such dignity! This is why Satan hates purity. He sees us doing something that is contrary to what those who live "in the world do" feels good to act like animals....why don't those (us who are practicing Christians) fall for it?? Why don't they submit to the temptations/lures? He can't figure it out because he loves impurity and is the father of it.

Why is it that society says it is embarrassing to be a celibate single? (All singles are called to that, not just priests, nuns, and religious!). Why is embarrassing to be faithful? Why is it embarrassing to be married to only one person for your entire life? Why is all this "a pity" and those who practice such kind of thought of as "nutty?" :P

I think it comes down to society is so under Satan's influence (esp. our media) that they lost their relationship with their Creator. He's the only thing holding morality in tact. Satan is the father of lies and murder and confusion and we could go on and on with a nasty list. Only a dead fish floats downstream. That's easy.

So, where we see this big "free sex" being know there is not "God" big deep relationship with God. A "god" perhaps of their own they make up, which is really their inner selves...but not the One True God who spoke out against "adultery" and the like....anyone ruining the purity of a young person He said "Woe!" to and how it's better to tie a noose around your neck with a stone attached and into the ocean! Eeks. God even said if a man (person) even LOOKS at another lustfully, that adultery has already been committed! EEkerooo. That is so difficult in our times...esp. (I would think) for men. Everywhere you look...even a toothpaste ad!! is SEX SEXY SEX being pushed. Driving down the street, you see it in ads, billboards,etc. On TV, magazines, etc. It's blatant. And, it's quit something. You really do start to feel "odd man out" for trying to live the chaste lifestyle that God wants of his children.

Which brings me to.....

I say 'trying' because everyone has good intentions who is trying to be a practicing Christian.

But, you know that time will come when you may perhaps fall. And, don't have pride and say, "Who me? Nahhhhh." and make a holier than thou face :P (see St Peter) because that is the person who will have a very hard time getting up. Pride is the worst thing per the Bible. God is truth and Satan is pride. So, at least be open to the fact that *drum roll* you may fall into sin sometime...maybe. Maybe not...but maybe.

I think Jesus fell the 3 times to show us..."keep getting up, man! Keep getting up!"

I can only imagine how utterly exhausted He felt getting up that third time....pure utter exhaustion...yet, he struggled TO get up....and He got up and kept walking....carrying the Cross...and leaving bloody footprints for us to follow. (And, sometimes it does indeed feel like we are leaving bloody footprints following Jesus' Way....and that would be what some call "dry martyrdom" and some say our century has many many martyrs....just to be an average Catholic requires much in our be devout, perhaps a dry martyrdom of sorts....)

If you fall (or fell) must NEVER give up and lay there in the mud all dirty! Get courage and get up, no matter how hard (look at your model) and keep going...even if you are so weak you know you may fall again....get up and keep on carrying your Cross to the finish line...TRY.

God at the very least asks you to TRY. Make every effort...that is all He can ask and does ask. Aim for perfection and to "be holy as I am holy"...AIM and try to make every effort you can with as much force as you can...and pray the rest for strength you are lacking....His grace will provide what is lacking. He knows He made weak creatures, who since Adam, are bent towards sinning...but that is not to be an excuse! And, we know that. We have grace available for the taking.

If you fall, do not let society say, "See?! What a HYPOCRITE! Preaching how he/she doesn't believe in free sex then going and get caught doing it himself/herself".....(A pet peeve of mine!) that's just Satan's taunt so you stay in his lair, his trap.....he's going for your pride...ignore him!

There is a huge difference in sincerely trying to live a Christan lifestyle and NOT trying whatsoever!!! God sees the heart. He knows one who struggles and one who could not care less. He knows the one who almost hates himself inside for his failings because he knows better...and one who revels in sin...almost tooting his own horn proudly. No, you are not the same and don't let Satan and "his" society of followers out there make you feel you are one and the same.

Remember Peter denied Christ 3 times and would have (felt like it!) killed himself had he not faith, he surrendered his pride and humbly accepted his failing and went to Christ and asked his forgiveness and was renewed....and didn't dwell on the past. Get up and move on! Judas, on the other hand, was full of pride and decided to end it himself on a tree. It was hopeless, he failed God and was a loser.....his thoughts. God didn't see him as a loser. God is always there loving and ready to forgive. He knows our weaknesses. He didn't put together the sexuality package and was a big dunce about it and shocked when people sometimes fall. Nothing separates us from ourselves if we want that...but nothing can...not even our fall....unless we do not wish to ask for forgiveness and are not sorry one bit. Then, we are creating our own separation deliberately.

St Therese of Liesieux wrote how Satan takes away your shame when you are committing a sin, but then heaps it back (in spades!) when you are sorry and wish to you do NOT confess and change. Then, you are not only living in sin, but in guilt...and having a yucky life hating yourself or reliving the past over and over and beating yourself up (this is just pride: "How dare I fall?" That's pride. A saint would say, "I certainly can't believe I didn't fall sooner, I'm such a sinner." and then go to the Lord's feet in confession and ask humbly (and it is humbling) forgiveness. It's hard to mouth the words "I did xxxx" when "xxx" is really "triple X" rated!! :P ) But, hey, you have to "take the hit" in the pride department. Toss that shame back in Satan's face and just say your sincere confession. This is a war....a real soldier "takes the hit" when needed. Take it. Get a purple heart! :)))

When we sin, we, Christs' bride so to speak, hide ourselves from His eyes. We feel unfit to keep Him intimate company. But, His constant thoughts are upon us. He cannot forget us as we "hide." He cannot be quiet until He looks upon us again. He calls us forth with the most wooing words:
"O my dove, that art in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs, let me See thy countenance, let me hear thy voice; for sweet is thy voice, and thy countenance is comely." (Song 2:14)

He entices us from our hiding place. Inasmuch as we come forth trembling, and bashfully hide our faces with our veil, He asks us to uncover our faces, to let our Spouse gaze upon us. We are ashamed to do so, for we are black in our own eyes...and therefore He insists that we are BEAUTIFUL to Him. And, He is the one who matters most. He is not content with merely looking, either. He must feed his ears as well as His eyes, so He entreats us to let Him hear our voice. See how truly our Lord rejoices in us! Is this not unparalleled love? We have heard of a prince be smitten by the beauty of a peasant's daughter, but what of that? Here is the Son of God, doting upon a worm!...looking with eyes of admiration upon a poor child of Adam and listening with joy to the lispings of poor flesh and blood. Should we not be exceedingly charmed by such matchless condescension? And, should not our hearts as much delights in Him as He does in us? Oh, surprising truth! Christ Jesus rejoices over His poor, tempted, tried, and erring people. :))))

"Thou art mine" (Isa. 43:1) He seems to powerfully and nobly and authoritatively and sweetly and gently and lovingly say from the Most Holy Eucharist.

"O man, greatly beloved..." (Dan 10:19)

He has kissed us with the kisses of His love (Song 1:2), and He has killed our doubts by the closeness of His embrace. We felt we could sing, "His left hand is under my head, and his right hand does embrace me" (Song 8:3).

"Behold, thou art fair, my love; behold, thou art fair." (Song 4:1) We say over and over as we see His image upon the Crucifix with arms wide open and His words: "Father, forgive them, they know not what they do..." If you cannot trust THIS God man as being "fair" and absolutely way more than that to words us....who can you trust? :))

"Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow." (Ps 51:7) And, He does.

"I sat down under His shadow with great delight...His fruit was Sweet to my taste..." Sit, overpowered by delight, needing to sit still under the load of bliss....bliss that comes from forgiveness.

"I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you.." (John 14:18) He doesn't want to be absent from your life regardless of what you sinned. His delight is to be with you in relationship. Confess your sins sincerely, and He will come to you as if it never happened. People here on earth forgive but don't forget....Jesus forgets what He if it never happened! Such is his great love.

"Come, Eat, my friend, and drink abundantly." He smiles at you....

Friday, November 14, 2008

Again, I say: Rejoice! :)

Sitting down briefly, tired. We had sickness here for the last 7 days and several of them I'm alone holding down the ship...outnumbered & hoping the kids don't decide to do a take over. My fears were a little heightened when my 3 year old broke away from the pack and asked: "Mommy, what's a mutinany?" :P (Yes, I jest.) But, little one had a small fever today. I took her to an early doctor appt (she passed with flying colors, a healthy child), but she couldn't get her flu shot due to her fever. We'll try again (this time I'll take them all...shhhh! :P ) next Saturday.

You know, I am almost sick of ANY news.

Anyone else feeling that way?

It seems like we are in a totally different time or phase...perhaps the "time of second coming/return" that Jesus told St Faustina about in her writings. He said she was to proclaim his mercy (while it was still hopes many many would take advantage of it before he met them as judge. That so sounds like Jesus, doesn't it? Too fair for His own good always.)., I read here that one priest threatens excommunication (to pro-abortion supporters where it is known that they are, not some guess that they are)...another priest says flat out "I will NOT withhold the Eucharist to anyone who is pro-abortion in their voting and life actions." (" A house divided against itself cannot stand.") Then, I read "Fears reach crescendo that financial crisis will lead to a new world order" and I think: "I can see that because the Freemasons have been trying forever to get that deal going...perfect opportunity to scare and take advantage of markets to work it...")....then, I read: "...and all due to President Bush..." and think, madly (not that I think he handed everything perfectly or 'to say every single thing was due to him is a joke and an easy escape, cop-out for all the selfish greedy crooks out there.'

This financial mess is due to everything that always made me and my husband sick to see around us: materialism...everywhere...going rampant.

They say that the human mind finds it hard to place guilt on itself and is fantastic at making "excuses" where it really legitimizes what it did to lessen any guilt at all. I see that. We, before the "crash", were living in VERY very materialistic times. Everyone was nutso about having everything. On credit, of course :P. Every kid HAD to have a cell phone...HAD to have TEXTING option on their cell phone bill...HAD to have the latest this and that....HAD...everything was a "MUST HAVE"...but not a true need. You go to church and the parking lot looks like an upscale car dealership :P. Anyhow, to blame it ALL on President Bush is so stupid to me that I cannot see how any sensible person can say that in the media (or out) with a serious face. DENIAL. Denial. Denial. Cleopatra was not the only "queen of denial" :P.

So, anyhow, then, President Elect Obama is portrayed as other than human (Hmmmmm) a super god that will rid the planet earth of anything and everything bad and heal every "boo-boo" in your life.

It's insane. It's like: "Does this really make sense to people out I in the little minority?" Nobody finds it creepy??

We even had the movie lately called "Religerous" or something ridiculous :P. The guy who made it I can't stand...but I do feel he's a "believer who believes he doesn't believe." :P You know the sort...they start out okay...but slowly by slowly, they get more and more worldy and run with that sort of a crowd...start having "fun" and feeling shocked that they are getting "away" with it plain as the day is long and God is nowhere to be punishments...."ah, that's fairy tails" his new friends tell him and mock have that new found friendship, and not being strong in his faith to start with, you start to "slide"...until you slide right down into "the trap." So, he needs prayers. Poor little fool. It's funny how when you get one who is very far away from God, they always seem to want to bring others down, too...ever notice that? They are never well enough alone...but, they stand blind to the fact that nobody escaped death (save Jesus) yet...and it's a "one on one" deal....not a "buddy plan"...his buddies will not be with him at his judgement. That'll be a little scary for one who always relies on his buddy's feedback to fuel him. So, he and others like him, need prayer for their conversion.

(Like: prayer worked for this guy (a BIG abortionist): Incredible abortionist becomes pro-lifer after repeated dream of Aquinas So, we can never say "never"...keep praying!)

So, back to the matter, I just am feeling so "weary" of even wanting to turn any news media on or read anything just seems better to focus and pray on the needs of our times and watch the "signs of the times" because "he who has eyes watch and ears hear"...."keep the lamps lit with oil...keep a little extra smart and don't run dry"......

I don't want to be "oblivious" to what is going on around me, that's stupid, too. You need to know what to pray for AND what to take ACTION Catholics we are called to BOTH.

It just seems to be able to listen to all the muck about in the media, you really do need your hour of adoration and Mass for (spiritual) that you can listen and discern with the help of the Holy Spirit and stay "joyful" and "full of joy" ("again! I say Rejoice!" "when I suffer, I count it even better for more rejoicing!" eeks...who is that St Paul?! :P He certainly is OUR model for THESE times.). But, we need to be informed Catholics....watching and discerning with the Holy Spirit.

We will see a divided house as we have been & cannot get discouraged...and we all are "in the know" that "a divided house cannot stand"...and it won't...the Church will always stand...but perhaps with a remanent of what it is today as we know it.

All the Marian apparitions (approved and many many un-approved but not denied by the Church yet either)......they all point to "COME BACK" to the Gospel, to God, to love of neighbor and pray the Rosary daily (so powerful! when will we finally take it up and listen to our mother and pray at least a decade daily?!) convert back to God.....then, with Jesus tellling St Faustina that she was to write her diary of His mercy before he comes back as Just Judge....and in most apparitions, it is said that "the time is near..." (Of course, ONLY God knows when). But, looking around, you see "signs of the times". Nothing to "worry" about -- but certainly it gives us pause to reflect and pray about earnestly and also be sure we are prepared and our families for that heavenly intervention.

Until then, rejoice, let THEM know we "are Christians by our love." of mercy and love....smiles!! For goodness sakes, we need to smile and not look alarmed. We know who is on our side. We know the "rest of the story." Good wins, evil loses. Period. "And they lived happily ever after....." :)))) Every beautiful rose, even the top winners, have thorns. No cross, no glory. We can't expect not to have a cross. The heavier our cross is (pretty heavy lately)...the closer Jesus is...and that is why we feel the Cross more so. Jesus is close to us!!! :)))

This rambly sleepy blog was typed with good intentions, so I hope it came across readable and made sense ;). Time for sleep :) zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bishop USCCB Meeting thoughts....

Late night tea before bed & realized the computer was still on,
checked a site before turning off and
just saw this article and had a couple of comments.

(Please leave your comments on it.)

Article is here: CLICK

I paste it below with my comments on it in blue:

Bishops will not skip debate on abortion and politics
What will really happen this week at the USCCB meeting

Cardinal Francis George, President of the USCCB and Bishop Gerald Kicanas (left)
.-Since the election of Barack Obama as the next President of the UnitedStates, several Catholic commentators have speculated on how theoriginal agenda of the annual Fall General Assembly of the UnitedStates Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) will change.

Accordingto bishops involved in the organization of the three-day meeting, whichstarts this Monday, the agenda, including a public discussion ofabortion and politics, is fully on track.

Speculation that theagenda might change came late last week when several prominent Catholiccommentators argued that the bishops had "lost authority" by speakingout strongly against Catholics voting for pro-abortion politicians (( several "prominent" Catholic commentators said the Bishops "lost authority" with Catholics who WANT to vote for abortion? Yeah. Give me a break. The "prominent" commentators are obviously "prominent" in their own eyes and in the eyes of "the birds that fly together": similar "Catholics" with an abortion agenda. But, see how they try to manipulate and put the idea into Catholics heads that the bishops "lost authority"? That is Satan. He manipulates and plays on words always! "Did God really say that?..." he spoke with Eve. Eve's problem is that when she had a question, she didn't go direct to the source: GOD...she spoke with Satan. Always the wrong move. Satan is the master of lies and confusion and he is using our media today to do it to uniformed Catholics. Beware!! Know your faith. GOD is the ONLY giver of AUTHORITY. GOD. Bishops are not "losing authority" nor will they...for the gates of hell will NEVER triumph over God's Church. Never. God is truth. God is unchangable...the same yesterday, today and forever...and truth stays the same, too!)) ,like Sen. Barack Obama and other mostly Democratic candidates, who wereelected to office last Tuesday.

On Friday, Religion NewsService reported that the USCCB “has scuttled plans to discuss abortionand politics next week in Baltimore,” citing the bishops' spokeswoman,Sister Mary Ann Walsh. RNS also quoted Sister Walsh saying that theagenda had yet to be finalized.

Moreover, according to theNational Catholic Reporter's John Allen Jr., “some analysts,especially those of a more liberal bent, are spinning the election ofBarak Obama as a ‘repudiation’ of what they see as an overly stridentand partisan tone from the bishops, especially on abortion. A fewardently pro-life Catholics, meanwhile, actually believe that what theycall ‘silence and treachery’ from the bishops on abortion helped pavethe way for Obama’s success.” (( Yes, I can see ardently pro-life Catholics feeling this way! I wonder if those bishops heard the cocks crowing 3 times before Obama was officially elected...and the other anti-life democrats.))

On Friday, Peter Steinfels arguedin his regular New York Times column that "anyone constructing a listof the big losers on Tuesday would probably include the nation’s RomanCatholic bishops."
(( I would have to say the big "list of losers" as they like to call it, are those poor deceived anti-life people who only care about fame, power, money, prestigue, and all the props a worldly life can offer...but, many may not realize it until it is too late, unfortunately. We need to pray for their conversion. The other list of "big losers" are the Americans who will be murdered before they take their very first breathe and get their first cuddle.))

Steinfels served as editor of “Commonweal”magazine before landing a job at The New York Times in 1988 and stillfrequently contributes to the magazine that he and his wife, formereditor Margaret O'Brien Steinfels, have helped shape since 1964.

Duringthe election season, Commonweal's blog openly wooed Catholics to votefor Obama and harshly criticized bishops who took a strong stand onlife and family issues.

(( Yes, Satan does this...he no longer hides, but openly woos. He feels that comfortable. Pride.))

Steinfels supported his assertion thatthe bishops were “defeated” on the grounds that nominal Catholics voted52 percent to 45 percent for Obama.

(( Saddest thing to read!! :((( Very sad to think "a Catholic" would wound the Sacred Heart of Jesus like that. To make themselves God...and determine what is right and what is wrong over what God determines as right and wrong. ))

“Will that fact be candidlyaddressed when the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops meetsnext week in Baltimore?,” he asked, suggesting that the bishops should“change strategy.”

A similar suggestion was made by Fr. ThomasReese S.J. of Georgetown University in an article published by theDallas Morning News on Sunday.

Quoting the same figure ofnominal Catholics voting for Obama, Reese said that “Episcopalauthority took a major hit during the election,” and argued that “(the)division between the vocal, partisan bishops and the silent,nonpartisan bishops will be a major issue at the Baltimore meeting.”

(( The division. "A house divided against itself cannot stand." Jesus warned. This is why the Catholic church has her beliefs all written down in the's there in black and white...and in many other writings. It's there in black and white. It's either take it or leave it. The Catholic Church is not a divided Church. There are divided people perhaps in the Church..divided inside of themselves...and they need much prayer...they are very confused and seek to destroy the Church either by intention or out of misguided "good will"....but Jesus always separates the chaff from the wheat...tosses one away...keeps the other...and the Church moves on triumphantly...))

“Thisargument," Reese continued, “will take place behind closed doors lestthe bishops scandalize the faithful with their divisions.”

(( *tee-hee* ))

Reesealso came up with his own list of proposals, which would essentiallyrequire the bishops to remain silent about the evil of abortion andconcentrate on practical political engagement for “reducing abortions,”as promised by Barack Obama.

(( LOL Hmmm...Reese or Satan?? Sounds like Satan found a human mouth to move...beware of wolves in sheep clothing...))

“Why am I not surprised?" joked one bishop about Reese’s comments, speaking on a condition of anonymity to CNA.

"Fr.Reese is a mainstream media darling, but the truth is that he has verylittle knowledge of what goes on (in the episcopate) and far lessinfluence,” he added.

Another bishop who requested anonymity,confirmed to CNA that the bishops will not drop the issue of abortionor hold the conversation behind closed doors. On the contrary, theywill discuss it on no less than three occasions: “in our regionalgroups, in executive session, and in the public session.”

Thesessions open to the media will take place on Monday, November 10, from9:00 a.m. to mid-afternoon, and Tuesday, November 11, from 9:00 a.m.until mid-afternoon. The rest of the meeting will be for breakoutsessions, executive sessions, and prayer and reflection.

Archbishop John Vlazny of Portland entered into greater details of how the USCCB meeting will proceed.

“Atthis year’s fall assembly we bishops will hear an address from ourPresident, Cardinal Francis George of Chicago. We shall also elect aUSCCB secretary and chairs-elect of the Committees on NationalCollections, Cultural Diversity, Doctrine, Pro-Life Activities andCommunications. In addition we will vote on the revised Grail Psalterfor use in the United States, the translation of the Proper of theSeasons and the Order for the Blessing of a Child in a Womb.”

Inthis weekend’s column on the Catholic Sentinel, Archbishop Vlazny alsorevealed that the bishops will also “hear a report from Bishop GeraldKicanas about the work of our Priority Task Forces. These prioritiesare strengthening marriage, faith formation and sacramental practice,life and dignity of the human persons, cultural diversity in thechurch, and promoting vocations to priesthood and religious life.”

Archbishop Vlazny is himself a member of the task force on the faith formation and sacramental practice.

“Weplan to set aside time to discuss practical and pastoral implicationsof political support for abortion, an issue that remains problematicfor us and our people,” he confirmed.

(( Why is this issue, murdering growing baby humans made in God's image, made by God himself (that is what we believe) a problematic issue??? This statement doesn't make sense. If there is any's certainly not the EASY's the message getting out to "the folks" ))

“The mission of ourConference calls all of us bishops to act collaboratively andconsistently on the important issues which confront the church andsociety. Furthermore it helps us foster communion with the church inother nations under the leadership of the Holy Father,” ArchbishopVlazny said.

(( Amen...maybe the Sacred Heart smiled on that one...))

Bishop Robert Vasa of Baker, Oregon, also offered adifferent vision on how to interpret the current circumstances from aCatholic perspective.

“In our present political climate it wouldbe very easy to somehow link our courage and hopefulness to the outcomeof political endeavors. It would be easy to position our hope in somekind of political strategy and call for greater courage in fosteringthat particular strategy.”

“The fact that whatever kind ofkingdom we manage to build here will always be an imperfect kingdomhelps us keep our focus on that in which and for which we ultimatelyhope, a kingdom of God in eternity,” he said.

(( Whatever kind of kingdom we build here will always be an imperfect kingdom?? That just sounds stupid. God said to "be perfect" as He is be Holy as He is holy...."do you not know you are temples of the Holy Spirit?" "These things AND MORE you'll do!!" Saying whatever we do will be imperfect is like telling your kid, "Just do whatever you can in school, as you'll never get all A's" Then, the kid is like "heck, why even try? My DAD, whom I look up to, told me as much as I try, I'll never get A's and he understands my grades will always be imperfect." Now, what sort of student do you think THAT kid will be?!! LOL Give me the Father who says, "Hey, everyone is a A student in our family and you are, too! I know you can do it..and to tell you the truth, if you got a B I would be disappointed because, although not bad in itself, I know you are capable of so much more. You are "A" material no doubt! Now, go give it your best shot!" What do you think THAT student will do? So, I hate that last statement, although I know what he was stupid. Set the bar low, and you'll get even lower. God set the bar HIGH. "Be perfect." "Be holy." etc etc. He did not say, "Hey, you just are imperfect people...muddle on!"))


Hi, yes, you're correct, this is not a cappuccino, but a very English Harrogate Yorkshire tea. Why, you ask? Well, I have been sick with the stomach flu and my stomach still feels queer this morning, but I am up. The thought of coffee right now makes my tummy rumble. ;) But tea feels like it would hit the spot with some lightly buttered toast.

I hope to be back to have a proper coffee break with you tomorrow. I hope your weekend went well and your today even better.

God bless you and yours.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After

Time for a quick cup before I have to head out and take a kid to school...

Well, B. Obama has won the Presidency and, politically speaking, he's too far left for me (or as my dad would say: "he's so far left he's almost right" :P I always liked that one!). We'll see what happens with America as we know her today and how she is 4 years from now. My one priority, as a Catholic, was that I had to vote for life...for those future unborn yet alive and thriving Americans whose lives are murdered, snuffed out, before they draw a breath (sometimes afterwards, sadly). You only get ONE shot at life a Christian believes. One. Uno. That's it. So, when you are conceived and are a growing person...and to stop your growth, to abort, means to stop stop a growing life. This is done very cruelly, too. Most people will refuse to "look deeply" into abortion because it is that horrifying. The pictures: disgusting! Absolutely. But, they'll happily be "pro-choice"...I'm talking about Christians. On such a deep topic such as murder (or possible murder at least), you think most would look into it deeply. That would be a bad one to "mess up on", no? The murdering of innocents in huge numbers calls for at least that much of a pause in our lives, no? Anyhow, those were my thoughts as Obama won. He's very charismatic, but too far left for me, and too far left for unborn-but-conceived and alive Americans. It seems America just is into economy first. I understand caring for the economy as I myself took a hit from those who foreclosed on their homes...but, life is still the highest value according to Jesus, no?

Do Christians think about their judgement at all in this regard? Maybe, as I am not a protestant, they do not. I know some Christians that believe "once saved, you're in like flin!" It's not a matter of anything else. Jesus said, "I am the Way" (a way is a path to be followed). He also said clearly to Peter once, "Get behind me, Satan!" Satan! You think Peter would have been "in like flin" :P. He said that his mother, sister, brother...these are those who DO HIS WILL...and He also tells us he sends us out like sheep amoung be aware of wolves in sheep clothing....and that "not everyone" who calls his name will be "let in"....he said, in fact, that he'd say, "I don't even know you!" and he said those many will be shocked!! "You did not recognize me in the poor, the hungry, the homeless, etc etc"

Do you recognize Jesus in hidden distressing disguise of a growing human that is at the point of cells multiplying? or at the point of tiny feet and a growing human body? Do you recognize him? We all need to.

Is "life" the only issue of our day? No, of course not...but it is the biggest and highest one and it affects all other issues. We need to really dig into it if we are to be honest with ourselves and truly open to "change".

Oh, my coffee break is over and I'm headed out the door! I rushed that and hope it made sense!

Gotta go, God bless you and God bless America :)))

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote for Life, Freedom, Families, God, & America the Beautiful

Reminder to get out and vote today.
You vote is needed in the cause of life and counts.
McCain is the Pro-life, pro-family,pro-christian, pro-freedom and pro-American candidate.
He has already demonstrated this in his life, it's not just for a powerful job.
Obama? O-no!

And, for those who did already vote for McCain,
fast and pray today...we need that, too.

Satan fights hard and dirty (what's new?!)