Thursday, December 30, 2010

Respectful Petition to NOT approve the blasphemous submitted Super Bowl Commercial called "Feed the Flock"

Check out this website I found at

Pepsi and Doritos offer 5 million dollars to the person who submits the winning commercial for the 2011 Super Bowl.

All submissions are reviewed and 10 finalists will be selected on January 3rd. Then the voting is open to the public on USA Today Ad Meter. As I said, the winner gets 5 million, so big dollars are riding on this contest.

A terribly blasphemous commercial was submitted. It is called "Feed the Flock," and shows a parish where attendance is dropping. The priest decides to distribute Doritos and Pepsi as Holy Communion to bring in the people.

Then weird looking people show up to receive the Holy Eucharist, which is really Pepsi and Doritos!

This mockery of the Body and Blood of Our Lord is outrageous and unacceptable!

Sign the petition to STOP this blasphemous commercial to Pepsi and Doritos

The commercial is on Facebook as "Feed your flock."

And please offer prayers and sacrifices in reparation for this horrific blasphemy.

Thank you!

Robert E Ritchie

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

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