Friday, October 31, 2008

Catholic in Today's World

Hi, I was just sitting and having a coffee, please join me :))

I was just thinking about "Halloween" and how the "spirit" of it today feels from when I was a little girl. (No, that was not a long long time ago in a land far far away *shut up!* :P)

'Is it just me', I have been wondering, 'or does anyone else feel it?'

There just seems to be a totally different dark, negative, Satanic feel to Halloween. Now, yes, of course, as Catholics we can have our children bring light to Halloween by celebrating it with "cute" pumpkins, dress them as saints, have fresh apple cider and fun...we can avoid outfitting our homes with really scary looking creatures from hell.

It just seems lately in our times that there is this darkness that is just about a few footsteps behind the Christian and breathing down his/her neck. You can almost feel Satan. I think abortion is a "human sacrifice" that keeps him going. And, being Greed itself, he wants more, too...he's not happy with just that...he wants to destroy all marriages and families (after all, the "Holy Family" was a model God wants and God chose to be born in a family...and Satan hates anything God loves)...he wants sex to be perverted to just animalistic pleasures, sex with nothing else behind it.....he hates chastity and purity and celibacy (as these are things Jesus himself lived and the Holy Family) is just like Satan knows he is in the "end times" and knows it and knows that beautiful, pure, holy, delicate heel is just inches over his head and coming down know?!

Do you feel it? America just does not have the same "air" about it as it used to...does it to you?

So, these are some thoughts I was thinking over as I sat and had my coffee (before you pulled up a chair)....and I just happened to see this article that sort of said everything I was thinking. (Isn't that weird when that happens?!)

Maybe it's just not me.....

Here's the article ----> CLICK HERE.

Oddly, (as they mention blessed salt in this article), a few months ago I just happened to have made up little packs of salt to have blessed by a local priest and then I was going to lay it out in a box in the Church hall with a sign explaining it was Blessed Salt with a flier of what blessed salt is, and a "take one" sign....I just had the idea to do it...perhaps the Holy Spirit is "in the air" working and inspiring Christians (& Catholic Christians who have access to Adoration, Sacraments, Sacramentals) to come and wake up and join the army and fight the good fight because the fight is on. I never had them blessed yet, but I will.

Anyhow, we as Catholics and Christians need to keep our chins up and rejoice! No, not an ignorant sort of head-in-the-sand rejoicing...but the good thing to remember is that God is good and God is all powerful and God is in charge and God is the creator of all and that God has the last word and that God is love and mercy (and justice!)...and that God loves his people dearly and tenderly...God surrounds us with intercessors....the Holy Angels....God is on the side of good and God cannot is an we know the end score. So....we have to just try to not be bowed down in the "darkness" of our world, but be happy and rejoice! THIS is the day the LORD has made! St Paul always tells us "REJOICE!" Jesus always said, "Don't fear it is I!" "Do you not have any faith?!" Satan wants us bowed down and all gloomy and scary and feeling outnumbered and hopeless. We cannot be that way. There is no reason for it. We read the Bible and see the world always was this way even when God chose to come to it! It was chock-full of sin and idolatry. Christians had a very rough time of it! We need to focus on union with God, communion with the Saints, staying in the state of grace, interceding for God's world (yes, GOD's world :) ), being happy because WE ARE GRACED TO BE HIS TEMPLES!..and focusing on THE PRESENT MOMENT as we don't know if we'll have another. Focus on the good things as the great saint admonished us (set your hearts on things above). We need to "fight the good fight" with the weapons God gave to us. ("We have sinned against the LORD. We will go up and fight, as the LORD our God commanded us." So every one of you put on his weapons, thinking it easy to go up into the hill country. Deut. 1:41) We are to be love in this world lacking it. We are to be God's peace to a world that only has a false worldly peace. We are to rescue sinners by doing good and praying for them. We are to evangelize. We have so much positive things to focus on in the negative a world centered on serving Satan and death. We are to be the shining stars in the night sky: beautiful! Our beauty will draw gazes up. Once gazing up, they contemplate the heavens...and the seed is sown.

So, long story long :P, I guess what I am saying is that Satan is active more than ever and many many good people with misplaced compassion are falling into his traps. When they fall, they get discouraged and sin even more. We need to be light, employ that comes from know who we are! Joy of knowing our faith. Joy of knowing the battle is already won. We KNOW who wins! If we Christians do not keep being faithful and fighting the good fight, not being shy to actually proclaim our believes in public life in a world where you are made to feel "weird" or "foolish"....then we will serve to only be a stepping stone to others.

"They will know we are Christians by our love..."
We can love the world by defending our faith, announcing our faith, not being the quiet shy one but speaking up for Our Lord who spoke in blood for us...praying and interceding and serving with charity and joy. We can find joy in each present moment because each moment holds so much possibility for us! We can actually better the world and save souls in the present moment! :))))

AMEN :))) "Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength."

1 Chronicles 16:33

33 Then the trees of the forest will sing,
they will sing for joy before the LORD,
for he comes to judge the earth.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Daily Mugshot

This is a silly fun thing.
You can take a picture daily (only once!) at

Fun for babies to see how they grow and change daily ~~ or for kids! They change daily! :)))

Daily Mugshot
This is a silly fun thing. You can take a picture daily (only once!) at

Fun for babies to see how they grow~or kids! :)))

The Catholic Vote and Abortion

Hi, coffee time?? Come, sit, & join me.

I was just thinking about abortion and thought: "Would it bother us more if they used GUNS?" If so, we need to contemplate that. Maybe it is the image people prefer to ignorantly have in their minds (the reality is a horror) of "a lady goes in and has a procedure done and comes out." That seems pretty "simple enough" and not enough to alarm me...I may be able to say, "Hey, it's her business what medical procedure she's doing, it's her body..." But, maybe it would be harder for you to say that if they used GUNS. If the doctor actually somehow used a gun to shoot the live growing human unborn baby. We imagine "guns" as "violent." I think so many keep themselves so uninformed on abortion PROCEDURES to protect themselves from what it really is---a very painful and very cruel way to maim, torture, and kill innocent victims: the vulnerable human growing preborn baby. Who wants to spend their free coffee break looking up all the info on that?? It's easier to the mind to just be "pro-choice" and be done with it...after all, it's not YOU that would ever choose to abort your child. Easy-peasy. Next cup, please! :)

But, in reality, we need to be the adults we are...the Catholics we are. We need to stop and take the time to inform ourselves on this issue that is a BIG fact, God may just see this as the biggest issue. Life. Human life. God's gift. God's generous, merciful, poured out from His Heart gift. Clothed in dignity. Named by Him as "chosen" and "child" and "friend".....

It's easy to wrap our thoughts around 401k's (it's much much cooler) and the stock market (very cool, too) and thoughts about oil prices and the like. Abortion? Wow. "I don't want to get involved" many of us cop out and think. "Too deep for me!" Some KNOW it is a big issue and with their "crowd", they'd become "one of them" if they chose to say loudly, " I am PROLIFE and ANTI abortion." "One of them"...*shivers down your spine* who wants that??! "Those pro-lifers are just weird and so extreme" you think, "I don't want to be associated with that." "I have my job to look after and this would not go over well"....etc etc. Humans have so many excuses for NOT standing up against something so vile. It feels better to stand up for tree rights and water rights and baby turtle egg protection rights....THAT makes you look good and feel good. But, abortion??? Can't I just be "against" it personally, but let others make their own choice? That is an easy cop out and lazy man's way out....and selfish. No, it is not enough to sit on a fence. ("I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! ") ("So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.").

God does not want fence sitters when it comes to major fact, He probably doesn't like fence sitting period (fence sitters are pretty irritating!). But, for the murder of the innocents (like Herod), He certainly does not take the issue of killing innocent babies lightly ("thou shalt not murder..")....these are humans HE created and created a soul for and put into the baby ("from my mother's womb, you are my God!" "I am fearfully and wonderfully made")....He thought of them from all eternity, He named them....He loves them, NOT less than you!, but as much as you......In His eyes, they are not less than you....

Is it perhaps that we as Catholics have lost our SALT?? ("You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.")

Yes, I think that's it. That is the only way a real practicing Catholic can justify abortion (oh, excuse me--"pro-choice").

God is pro-choice and his choice is to leave you, nay trust you, with making the choice of life ("I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live"). He does allow us the choice to murder, it is a part and parcel of "freewill" that He wants us to have. But, he also says, "Thou shalt not murder." Then, He brings up the "woe to..." and "eternal fires.." and that stuff....yes, hell. That is how serious murdering innocent growing human (made in His image) life is to Him (who created it!).* We want to (like Satan) make ourselves "gods" and determine what is really right and wrong...instead of bowing in humility and accepting that we are NOT gods....we are just blessed to have been given the gift of life ourselves from our Creator. We are but dust. (" I am nothing but dust and ashes"). Dust and ashes with pride and thinking we are our own gods and wanting to make our own faith up, our own rules...instead of humbly subitting to our Creator...our loving benevolent Creator.

Jesus said, "I am the Way"...what is "the way?" is a path to be followed...Jesus said: "I am the truth" we have no other source of truth...everything else is diluted....and Jesus said: "This is my body, GIVEN UP FOR YOU." and we hear some women scream, "This is my body, I'll do what the heck I want with it!" The latter does not seem to be following "the way." The way is "Given up for you"...very Eucharistic...broken that bread broken for others to give them life........serve others....NOT self....

So, it is so un-Catholic to be pro-abortion (or, as some rather say as it sounds much "nicer", pro-choice). We have so many excellent writings from Holy Mother Church on the subject (most all online, too). We need to read them. We need to absorb what we read with an open humble heart. Then, we need to become brave as St Paul or Daniel...and say loudly, "I AM A CATHOLIC AND I AM PROLIFE." "I cannot vote for any politician that is for abortion (not pro-life)." I wish I could in my weakness of wanting to fit in or have it easy...but, in truth, I cannot. I must live the truth I know: Life is holy and sacred and we cannot abort it under any circumstance.

(this is corrected from earlier as I typed it incorrectly and sounded aweful:)

The Roman Catholic Church does not condemn procedures which result, indirectly, in the loss of the unborn child as a "secondary effect." See: St Gianna as a shining example.

The life of the mother may be at stake where she has, for example, a cancerous tumor where it must be operated on OR she will die and yet if she chooses to have such an operation, she will her baby. That was my line of thinking when I was thinking "if the life of a mother is at stake", but, you are correct, it would not be to go ahead and ABORT the baby first. You still leave it up to God, perhaps the baby wouldn't die although medical science says it will/should.

It did sound originally written that you could abort prior to the life threatening circumstance. You can never abort, but an abortion just might happen in such a circumstance and you still can go ahead if you wish to save your life and have such an operation, knowing it would kill your baby.

Anyhow, this is what I meant and I am glad you called me on this to clarify it up! )

How wonderful if every democrat Catholic chose the CATHOLIC FAITH as their religion and not the Democratic party! How wonderful if LIFE was the deciding factor of who you choose...until it can become illegal to abort preborn Americans (hey, we protect so many other things that are turtle eggs!)....How nice if both parties were pro-life.....then, you could get to other meaty issues of the day like social justice,etc. Then we could have intelligent discussions and fun lively debates...not this vehement hatred spewed constantly between both parties...that hatred stems from ONE issue only: LIFE. You're either pro-life or you are not...and Satan is on the side of "not" and you can FEEL this hatred tossed to anyone who is pro-life...they are MOCKED as real stupid idiots....primitive in thought...etc. That is Satan.

Well, what a meaty deep coffee break! :P But, we need more coffee breaks like this amongst Catholics because God will hold us Catholics responsible for the abortions...we KNOW better and we choose to still vote otherwise. That's terrible. Shame on us! Others might really not know's time for US to stand up for the unborn created humans. Yes, US. It's time to take the hit, so to speak. It's time to say no to your union who forces you to vote democrat practically because it is good for them and their issues.....there is a higher issue at stake and don't think you'll die and face your judgment all alone face-to-face with God and He won't bring it up....there will be untold millions of little baby faces looking over his shoulder.

Be a courageous Catholic, take the "hit" if needed, but BE and VOTE PROLIFE.

Well, my coffee break is over...thanks for visiting with me and discussing this. :)))

"If I had only one sermon to preach
it would be a sermon against pride."

Gilbert K. Chesterton

An extract from 'Thoughts from St Alphonsus' by Rev C McNeiry C.SS.R -
"But tell me, my sweet Infant, why dost thou turn thine eyes on every side? What art thou looking for? Yes, replies Jesus, I turn my eyes around, for I am seeking some soul that desires me."

*Sidenote: remember, if you had an abortion & regret it, you can go to confession and confess it...and your confessor will walk you through what to do for real healing and help you find groups to help you in your journey, too...never get discouraged, that is what Satan wants. When we are discouraged, we make poor discisions....Satan wants that. Remember: God created you with deep and much love. Nothing changes that. Jesus died on the Cross to take the hit for our sins. The precious blood of Jesus is very powerful...Jesus even says it can make you "white as snow", do not be discourged. Humans are fragile. That's why God set up confession...because he knew we would fall and have to get back up...he wanted to help us to get back up :)))

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Creative God at Play

Well, hi! Coffee time already?!

I had a good yearly doctor check up yesterday...but didn't get my final blood lab results back yet, but I'm expecting it's all good. I am tired a lot, but that's just due to J.'s travels and being outnumbered at home 4 to 1 a la single parent sort of life...not cut out for that...I need my better half ;). I need sleep. I can't do the Donald Trump 4 hours a night sleep thingie. It makes me not be on top of my game.

Today, while driving Miss C to school, the morning skies were simply glorious! No other word can describe it really...maybe magnificent? Anyhow, LOVE LOVE those sort of skies in the morning...looks like ocean waves and so colorful and bright. How can you not feel our creative God at play? How can one not be awed? How could one just think dark thoughts? It screamed: "I love you and I drew this for you! Hope you have a very good day! Let's take on this day together. I am here for you, don't forget. Let's do it together. Let's play and have fun saving can help me! Common!" For some, this would be their last sunrise and what a great one. Hope they took the time to notice it and enjoy it. Some are sick and can't enjoy it as they can't see it...I always try to remember them when I see or do things...try to do it on their behalf. Do you ever do that? I always remember them at my Masses attended, too....for those who WANT to be here (at Mass) but cannot. I hope when they die one day, they'll be very surprised to see all these Masses applied to them as if they DID attend them and attend them with love and devotion. That gives me a smile to just think about when I step inside the Church. I love giving surprises..."secret surprises" are the best (of course, we are talking good ones). Totally unexpected. Like waking up to see a pot of coffee was made for you with a little love note next to it. Like going to pay for something and being told, "No, that person already paid for you." (a complete stranger). Like that one time I was sitting in a McDonald playland with one of my little ones and I saw a beautiful mother and daughter sitting on the far end and the little girl was seriously drawing intensely--upon their departure, they passed me and the little girl handed ME her was so cute and about God and said, "Jesus loves you!" and she also included a little bookmark. I always felt they were "angels in disguise." :) (That day, I needed to hear it, although I knew it.) But, it made my day for a stranger to do a loving surprise to me. I remember how it felt and love to do that to others. We all could use a few wonderful surprises in our days...don't you think? It's fun to give them!

Yesterday at McDonalds (I have small ones :P), I saw this homeless young man go into the men's restroom. His hair was so ragged and just sticking out, but his face was beautiful if he shaved (he could clean up to be a model). Anyhow, I thought about how lonely it is to be homeless..because you feel invisible. Nobody wants to make eye contact with you in an attempt, I guess, to make the homeless one not feel uncomfortable (& of course other reasons)...but the worst thing I can imagine is the pain of feeling invisible and totally unloved. That just flashed through my head. I thought, "That could even be Jesus in a distressing disguise seeing how we react." ("You did not know me" "Lord, when?" "When I was hungry...") I was determined to give him a warm friendly smile as he departed the restroom to make him feel "seen" and "normal." I waited. Well, I think it was Jesus in a distressing disguise because when he came out, HE cought MY eye first and gave me a warm knowing smile! Almost a twinkle in his eye, like "Ah-ha! Gotcha first!" I felt this thought rush through my head: "Jesus! You stinker! I was going to surprise you with a smile and you did it first!" :P (Affectionately, of course!) It was as if Jesus loves giving surprises as much as he enjoys getting them (more so, knowing Him! :P). Keep an eye out for opportunities to surprise Jesus, but then keep a keen out for his "right back at ya" or "ha! Gotcha first!" (and, in giving, he is sort of a "one upper" :P hahaha..but he always seems to out do you in giving surprises...and that, of course, is 'so Jesus.' ("The master comes to serve not be served") I think Jesus loves friendship & has a fun, playful personality. ("He cooked them breakfast on the a surprise to them as they fished") St. Don Bosco said to play is totally great as long as you don't sin. :)) Play with's so fun!

Well, my coffee break is over. I have to get ready to go to my annual eye doctor visit and get new (if new) prescriptions. Seems like my eyes got worse for the first time in years..but, we'll see. Of course, I now do need reading glasses (or, as I call them, "my cheaters"). That's my reminder that I am over 40. :P My dose of humility every time I have to put them on. :P haha.

Life is so good regardless of what is going on "out there" because we have our Catholic faith and the communion of the saints and just tons of wonderful things to assist us have joy and joy in "abundance" (Jesus' words, not mine). I never understood that term for such a long time, thinking: the only person who can have joy in abundance is one who is healthy, wealthy, drop-dead perfect on the outside, has perfect family and friends,etc....but, as I aged, I realized: that "joy" in "abundance" is that "umph" that gets you through your day...your day that may be perhaps pretty routine, your day that may be full of "jerks" or "hairshirts" :P, your day that was perhaps horrible, that day you are sick and feeling pain.....that little "light" that little "hope" that little "I am not alone" that little "even now under this circumstance of feeling so tired, blah, in pain, whatever....even now, I can deep inside feel this peace...this inner peace of Christ that I'm not alone and all will be well ("Behold, I make all things new!")....this inner song in your heart that is not singing (only deep deep down..and that is your faith).... that knowledge that you can "Offer it up"...and actually get a slight joy in knowing that your day that is going terrible can be useful....very useful and profitable! You can love Jesus by accepting His Will ("Thy Will be Done" "I am the handmaid of the Lord" "Father, not as I will, but your will be done") just, even when sunk to the lowest depths, cannot escape the knowledge that you ARE loved, you MATTER...and that is that joy in abundance I think...because that is such a joyful thought when you contemplate it. You matter. You are loved. You are unique. You are special. You were created on purpose with a purpose...a unique plan you alone can accomplish. You were made to reflect a unique aspect of God to the world. You, pehaps, may be the ONLY Gospel someone on earth you encounter "reads"....."abundant joy"....."my peace I give you..."

Now, go take on the day! Be Catholic! Evangelize! and Play! =)))

--me :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Vote Pro-Life

Remember: about 9 die per day in the war, but 9 innocent babies die about every 13 seconds. There is no comparison. These pre-born growing American babies have not even yet committed one sin. They are pure innocence and they have 1 shot at life, as does each human created in God's image. Those who sign up for war, are adults who make the decision to sign themselves up, knowing the reality of the possible consequences...God bless them for their love of country and securing American freedom!

Saw this on another site....nice....thought I would share..forgot the site's name....

Why do I sit quiet while others scream their political views at me??

It's time for me to say something on at least one subject. One huge subject.

The Abortion Numbers

Consider: A million and a half new Americans are murdered every year by abortion.

While particular historical circumstances increase or decrease the number of Supreme Court appointments a president gets to make (some presidents get many and some get none), if we average out the differences, it turns out that a pro-abort president on average could extend the abortion holocaust by four years equivalent to the four-year term he spends in office.

At 1.5 million kids killed per year, that means that a pro-abort president would be responsible for extending the abortion holocaust to include six million additional murders.

When one takes into account the fact that about half of the recent presidents have had second terms, that would mean a pro-abort president would be responsible for extending the abortion holocaust to include approximately nine million Americans.

No other issue involves numbers that high. Nothing short of a full-scale nuclear or biological war between well-armed nation states would kill that many people, and we aren't in imminent danger of having one of those.

Not even terrorists with weapons of mass destruction could kill that many people. As vital as the issue of terrorism is, it does not get us up into the number of deaths caused by abortion. It would take three thousand 9/11-size events in a president's average term of office (more than one a day) to rack up sufficient deaths to make terrorism proportionate to abortion. Al-Qa'eda simply does not have enough suicidal fanatics to make terrorism proportionate to abortion.

Jobs? The economy? Taxes? Education? The environment? Immigration? Forget it. We do not have nine million people dying in a typical president's term of office due to bad job programs, bad economic policies, bad taxes, bad education, bad environmental law, bad immigration rules—or even all of these combined. All of them together cannot provide a reason proportionate to the need to end abortion.

Make no mistake: Abortion is the preeminent moral issue of our time. It is the black hole that out-masses every other issue. Presenting any other issues as if they were proportionate to it is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

-Jimmy Akin

I am not one to critisize those who have had abortions or have contributed to one. We all make mistakes in times of desperation. In my faith, murder is a mortal sin just as many of the sins that I have commited. So when I speak of or quote things about abortion I am not insinuating that I am better than anyone. If anything I am the worst kind because I believe in my faith and yet still fall into mortal sin. I pray for those who have had an abortion. And all those involved. Just as I pray for God to make me stronger when I fall into sin.

Here is a link for those seeking healing from abortions. Or help if you are considering one.

God bless you!