Tuesday, January 11, 2011

(P308) Message of 5th January 2011, given at Borg in-Nadur

My dear children, and my children - the ones of my heart!  This is for Fr Hayden and Fr David to pass on to the people.
At this moment there was a dialogue between the Lady and Carmen Minuti by means of Angelik.
Lady: Carmen, you are a house-wife just as I was, is it not so?
Carmen: Yes.
Lady: You have a family.  You take care of the family and have much house-work to get done.  Is it not so? 
Carmen: Yes, Lady.
Lady: Naturally you would have big bundles of clothes to wash.  Is it not so Carmen? 
Carmen: Yes, that too.
Lady: When you occasionally have a larger than usual wash what do you do while it dries out Carmen? 
Carmen: I get down to other work while the clothes dry. 
Lady: And what if it is winter and the weather would not hold, what do you do then Carmen, while they dry out? 
Carmen: I leave them indoors and turn on the heating. 
Lady: If once it so happens that you leave them out to dry while being away from home, what do you then Carmen? 
Carmen: I would be very upset since they would not have dried up. 
Lady: And if you happen to hear thunder and to see lightning and dark clouds rising, what do you do then Carmen? 
Carmen: I would quickly bring them in. 
Lady: Why would you bring the clothes in, Carmen? 
Carmen: So that they would not get wet.
Lady: Well done Carmen!  Your answers were good. 
Are you seeing, my children, how careful you are with your belongings - material things?  At the moment there is thunder rolling everywhere - in every part of the world and the lightning is also appearing from within the dark clouds and the dark clouds are coming up, my children!  Yet just now, the rain has not started falling.  If it chances to start falling it will not stop and will cause great damage, my children.  You have no control on the effects of a might and strong rainstorm.  Indeed, my children, I am telling you that the dark clouds are rising over the world and no one is seeing it.
I have already said it on other occasions: darkness over the family, abortion, abuse on children, divorce, drugs, suicide-attacks, wars, violence, the wrong use of the Internet.  This is the darkness that is covering the whole world.  You are oblivious to the fact that soon the rain will begin to lash.  All believe themselves to be getting along comfortably and no one is realizing that the storm is impending.  Then it will be useless to open up your umbrella - because it will break - for it will be too late.  Open the umbrella before the storm strikes.  Keep the umbrella in your hands.  Do not leave it idle.  My children, you know what I am referring to: the rosary-beads.  Only it is able to protect you from this storm that is coming onto the world - or rather that has slowly begun while you still do not realize it.
Which round-table meeting will manage to put these things right?  What will they manage to arrange by their joint forces?  My children, in your country too all this is being felt and the darkness has become visible as well.  Do you not comprehend that it is now almost five years that I have been setting foot on this, your island?  Indeed my children, this is why my Son Jesus is sending me here.  Indeed, this is why: to see to it that you are prepared with umbrellas in hand.  And do not be ashamed to finger it.  Only it is capable of freeing you from trials and from the ancient enemy: the devil.
Thank you for having listened to my call.

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