Tuesday, January 11, 2011

(P307) Message of 29th December 2010, given at Borg in-Nadu

My dear children and my children - the ones of my heart! This is for Fr Hayden and Fr David to pass on to the people. 
My children, the year is coming to a close and where are you to be found?  What have you accomplished this year?  Did you move forward or backward?  If you have remained where you were, make sure that for the coming year you do not stay this way.  Get going.  Do not remain stuck, my children.  This is why my Son Jesus is sending me here: so as to draw you to him.  Commence a new year - indeed my children - seriously get about starting a year that is new.  If you are one of those who came to a halt, start up again.   
Do not allow your past to thrash you.  Do not remain trapped in the past, since you tend to be battered by it and remain stuck in it.  The past is over and gone.  It is the devil’s activity, my children, to confound you and cause you to remain trapped.
And as to you, young people, what will you be about next year?  Will you allow yourselves to be influenced by what your friends say?  Are you ashamed to show that you are Christians?  At meetings, do you join in with the way the others express themselves just to please them?  Be men and women!  Do not fear anything.  Wrong is wrong and right is right. 
Come along, my children, set out on a new year.  Let the year that you are facing be beneficial to you and to your families.  Come to my Son Jesus, my children.  Come to him for he loves you and does not want you to be lost.  He is love.  Beatitude comes once and for ever; perdition comes once and for ever. 
Finally, I wish you to pray for the Church and for the Pope.  Presently the Church is going through hard times.  You may be of help to the Church yourselves by your presence as well as with something simple:  by fingering the beads of the rosary.   
Say the rosary!  Say the rosary and get others to say the rosary.  Say the rosary and get others to say the rosary.   
Thank you for having listened to my call. 

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This seems a good message to us all, thus I post it.

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