Saturday, July 25, 2009

Offline a Week!


I have been sick a week, thus offline, then for a week I had to "catch up" from being off for a week, so I was basically offline, and now, I'm having company visit for a week and will be busy with them.
So...I'll be back in a week and hopefully should be rested, caught up, and back to blogging! :))

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Have you seen my other blogs?

I have a Catholic Quotes blog (I LOVE Catholic Quotes! This site is a great source to dig through all the archives...I'll go back to updating when I return...but there's plenty there! All my quotes are thanks to Mike Humphrey.): Catholic Quotes.

I have a Confession Source Blog here: Confession Source.
(*if you have any extra sources I can post there, email me!)

I have my original Catholic blog called "Catholic Kelly" here. Lots of archives!

I have some more, but those are some I'd like to share. My little way of trying to follow Pope John Paul II's call to evangelize on the new media means also the call of Pope Benedict 16th.

Some new things I did recently was join the Arch confraternity of St Philomena. It's great. You can join here at her official site/shrine in Italy: St Philomena Shrine.

{ I love St Philomena, "powerful with God." She certainly is! You can go to that site to find out a ton of information on her, get her official oil, cords, relics, etc!! Go to the official source! Some do offer St Philomena Oil, but the official source is the site I have given you above in Munango Italy. It's a great sacramental! The Shrine Rector is friendly, too! }

I also joined The Invisible Monestary of Fraternity and Charity...check it out here: Click.
It's neat! Check it out. You register and are sent the prayer booklet (consisting of mostly scripture and novena prayer to the Sacred Heart and the Divine Mercy!) and you pray at 6:30pm your time Wednesday's UNITED in spirit with everyone else who is a member who is also praying...we pray for our needs listed on the site (submit yours and it's placed before Eucharisitic Jesus)...and for these needs in particular:
For those who have lost hope or the desire to live
For those who are alone and neglected
For those who are in darkness and are searching for the light w/o finding it
For those who are anguished and gripped by illness.

It's wonderful praying for those intentions as they really do need our charity! We can obtain graces for them. :)

Ok, must go prep for the guests, but see you soon!
Have a great week & God bless!

Kelly :)

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