Thursday, July 9, 2009

Being Honest with Yourself


I was on the Pauline blog, "a nun blog", being interested in the Pauline's (Holy Family Institute*).
And, I serendipitously found my way to another Pauline blog from there that stated something very interesting.
It basically stated something to ponder:
"It is Jesus Christ “and him crucified” who reveals the whole truth about God."
"That means that prerogatives that we associate with dignity, importance, status–these are the opposite of divine qualities..."
(You may slip over to the blog, Pauline Spirit, here, to read or subscribe to the blog.)
although we know that in our brain, it really is something to sit in silence and meditate on.
The prerogatives WE associate with dignity (cleanliness? way of dress? quality of clothing? brand name? nice shoes? jewelry? hair? makeup? expensive smell of perfume? driving a BMW or Mercedes-Benz? Carrying a LV bag? Flying business or first class? Staying at a 4 star hotel? Living in the best neighborhood? etc....), importance (business owner? CEO? CFO? VP? Celebrity? Author? etc.) and status (having the latest technological devices: the newest MAC, ipod, iphone, fitness toy, car, clothing, your kids toys/clothing, neighborhood, purse, luggage, etc.)....all these things we DO wrongly value as Catholics (to some degree; some more than others, but most to some degree if we are honest!)...ALL of these are OPPOSITE of the Divine Qualities...that is not how God sees dignity, importance, or status...
Anyhow, it was a good post and reminder that even us, who crown ourselves with halo's before our time (ha!), should take a breather, sit in silence and meditate on that.
Do I value myself or another MORE if they/me are wealthy?
Do I value myself or another MORE if they/I live in that costly sought-after neighborhood v.s. a pure working-class middle of the road (or less) neighborhood?
Even many Catholics fall into the "materialistic" trap.
We want to show ourselves better than our brother.
We fly after the latest fads so we can keep up with the Joneses.
We want our kids to keep up with the Joneses.
If we don't, people might judge us "below" them...and we know we are not...that would be humiliating and wrong for them to think that (we reason/justify) .

"Be still and know that I am God." --God

We need media-free times to just be with and contemplate God.
If that makes us jumpy, we need to contemplate why.
What do I think is missing when "All" is here?!

We need to really get to know our true selves.
Brutally honest.
Then, we may be able to come to have this as our real truth:
"It is Jesus Christ “and him crucified” who reveals the whole truth about God."
And, we can "mirror" that truth to others who see us and our life choices.
They'll see us as
“not considering equality with God a thing to be clung to,” of “taking the form of a slave” and “being all things to all people.”

Shine your very special light in this world.
You are unique and special.
You do not need to look for approval or status or the latest cute shoes or purse.
Just be who God created you to be.
What more could you want or aspire to? ;)

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