Monday, August 23, 2010

To know God, approach him on his terms | | The Jackson Sun

To know God, approach him on his terms

I thought this was a nice article because many of us today know the truth and know inside that on some truth we don't wish to'd be better "invisible" as if it did not exist, as if God had no word on the life of a hypocrite in some form or fashion...wanting to be Catholic/Christian on our own terms, which is really making ourselves God! :-D Not good. We know better. We want better but sometimes, we can be selfish and want "my will be done" instead of "Thy Will be done"....we need grace to surrender...we, as Catholics, can get that grace through the Sacraments: Mass, Confession,etc. It takes being humble and courageous to come to know your REAL self....because it is then that we see what we need to fix.

Let us love thy neighbor and pray for the conversion of unbelievers daily...and in that prayer, we include ourselves! Yes, those tiny parts or medium or big parts of us that do not believe (as we don't surrender them). :) God bless you.

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