Monday, August 16, 2010

Joy and Living the Truth of a Christian Life

Joy and living the truth of a Christian life ¤

by Father Dominique Faure CSJ  

"When Jesus says that he came to bring tidings of joy, that is what it means to be evangelised - the Gospel, the Good News is when we have opened ourselves to this tidings of joy that Jesus came to offer, and I often wonder if we have really discovered this Christian joy. Do we really understand what Jesus means when he speaks of the Good News? ...  Our Christian life demands from us to be on the battlefield. St Thomas Aquinas doesn't hesitate to say after the Cross there is more suffering in the world than before, and the closer is the return of Christ the more the suffering will increase.  It is important to accept that trials are an essential part of our Christian life, destabilisations are an essential part of our Christian life, the battlefield is an essential part. Jesus didn't come to bring us back to the peace and harmony of the garden of Eden; he came and demanded from us that we live again and again with Him all the tension that he has lived at the Cross. There, so easily, so quickly, we run away from the battlefield..we prefer to run away rather than stand in hope discover that whatever suffering we go through, this is the battlefield that Jesus is waiting for us  and there that he is willing to meet us in order to give us this joy that the world cannot give us, to give us this peace that the world cannot give us."

Father Dominique is from France and is a brother of the Community of St John.

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