Saturday, February 20, 2010

Old Roman chant - Our Roman Catholic Heritage

From my friend, Deacon John's blog. You know about Gregorian Chant, but this is before that...Medieval Old Roman Chant...part of our Roman Catholic Heritage! Please's wonderful and our heritage!

Medieval Old Roman Chant.
Title: "Tractus: Qui habitat in adiutorio altissimi".
Service: Adoration of the Cross
Please note: This is the first part. To watch the 2nd part, please click on the first Video Response

This music video coincides with 10000 views of my profile and 200000 views of my videos. I want to thank everyone for their interest and exclaim once more my admiration for this beautiful and misunderstood genre of music, the old religious chant. In my eyes, it represents one of the most artful and exquisite forms of human spirituality and culture and one of the most eloquent expressions of the love and plea of Man to his Creator and his need to communicate with God.
In this regard I post my videos for all to see: For Christians (Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Protestants etc), for Muslims, for Jews and Buddhists, for Hindus and Confucianists, for agnostics and atheists, because I believe that each can find in these chants common ground: love, respect, necessity, plea, reverence, tranquility.
As an "anniversary" video, I would like to dedicate this chant as a prayer for all those who suffer in any way, especially for the most innocent of all, the suffering children. We have built up a world that causes harm to so many children as we cannot imagine. Let this be a prayer for them all, regardless of nationality, gender or religion.
Please go to the info section of Part II for the text of this chant (Psalm 90) in Latin, Greek and English.

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