Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy First Friday!


Happy First Friday!

I was offline for Lent and ENJOYED IT! Who knew?!

It was wonderful to be cut off from the "online" world...such freedom! LOL It really was a great experience that I did not expect.

It took away most of my desire to be online...blogging, twittering, facebook, seemed more like a chore after Lent's fast. Although I use my online time for Catholic evangelism and it never "took away" from my priorities, it did take time and energy and effort that I didn't fully comprehend until after-the-fact! So, all in all, it was a great Lent and I did change from it. ;)

I will blog when I can, but not w/ obligation. My first obligation will be (after my normal obligations such as wife and mother,etc.) prayer. Deep unity prayer from the heart in silence...not rushed or "obligatory" prayer. That time needed for this was realized by giving up all online activity. It was really wonderful ;). I am spoiled now and not about to give it up. Lent was very fruitful. My prayer life, which I thought was good, is even better.

Lent ended with a wonderful Easter and wonderful Divine Mercy Sunday after that. We had my son's confirmation at 3pm on DM Sunday! Just fantastic stuff!

Ok...wanted to check in and see how your Lent went and to say I'll post here but it will not be daily.

God speed!

Kelly ;)


Catholic Answers said...

Prayer is our strength, without it we would have nothing to write about!
John from:
Catholic Answers

umblepie said...

Congratulations on your 'blogging' sacrifice during Lent- it was noticed! Look forward to future posts when you have time and inclination.