Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After

Time for a quick cup before I have to head out and take a kid to school...

Well, B. Obama has won the Presidency and, politically speaking, he's too far left for me (or as my dad would say: "he's so far left he's almost right" :P I always liked that one!). We'll see what happens with America as we know her today and how she is 4 years from now. My one priority, as a Catholic, was that I had to vote for life...for those future unborn yet alive and thriving Americans whose lives are murdered, snuffed out, before they draw a breath (sometimes afterwards, sadly). You only get ONE shot at life a Christian believes. One. Uno. That's it. So, when you are conceived and are a growing person...and to stop your growth, to abort, means to stop stop a growing life. This is done very cruelly, too. Most people will refuse to "look deeply" into abortion because it is that horrifying. The pictures: disgusting! Absolutely. But, they'll happily be "pro-choice"...I'm talking about Christians. On such a deep topic such as murder (or possible murder at least), you think most would look into it deeply. That would be a bad one to "mess up on", no? The murdering of innocents in huge numbers calls for at least that much of a pause in our lives, no? Anyhow, those were my thoughts as Obama won. He's very charismatic, but too far left for me, and too far left for unborn-but-conceived and alive Americans. It seems America just is into economy first. I understand caring for the economy as I myself took a hit from those who foreclosed on their homes...but, life is still the highest value according to Jesus, no?

Do Christians think about their judgement at all in this regard? Maybe, as I am not a protestant, they do not. I know some Christians that believe "once saved, you're in like flin!" It's not a matter of anything else. Jesus said, "I am the Way" (a way is a path to be followed). He also said clearly to Peter once, "Get behind me, Satan!" Satan! You think Peter would have been "in like flin" :P. He said that his mother, sister, brother...these are those who DO HIS WILL...and He also tells us he sends us out like sheep amoung be aware of wolves in sheep clothing....and that "not everyone" who calls his name will be "let in"....he said, in fact, that he'd say, "I don't even know you!" and he said those many will be shocked!! "You did not recognize me in the poor, the hungry, the homeless, etc etc"

Do you recognize Jesus in hidden distressing disguise of a growing human that is at the point of cells multiplying? or at the point of tiny feet and a growing human body? Do you recognize him? We all need to.

Is "life" the only issue of our day? No, of course not...but it is the biggest and highest one and it affects all other issues. We need to really dig into it if we are to be honest with ourselves and truly open to "change".

Oh, my coffee break is over and I'm headed out the door! I rushed that and hope it made sense!

Gotta go, God bless you and God bless America :)))


umblepie said...

Good post. Thanks.

Marilena said...

very good post. i can only say in regards to obama, pray for his conversion. not just his, but that of the whole world. Jesus did not come to save the just, He came to save the unjust, the sinners. we must pray for all in the world.