Friday, November 14, 2008

Again, I say: Rejoice! :)

Sitting down briefly, tired. We had sickness here for the last 7 days and several of them I'm alone holding down the ship...outnumbered & hoping the kids don't decide to do a take over. My fears were a little heightened when my 3 year old broke away from the pack and asked: "Mommy, what's a mutinany?" :P (Yes, I jest.) But, little one had a small fever today. I took her to an early doctor appt (she passed with flying colors, a healthy child), but she couldn't get her flu shot due to her fever. We'll try again (this time I'll take them all...shhhh! :P ) next Saturday.

You know, I am almost sick of ANY news.

Anyone else feeling that way?

It seems like we are in a totally different time or phase...perhaps the "time of second coming/return" that Jesus told St Faustina about in her writings. He said she was to proclaim his mercy (while it was still hopes many many would take advantage of it before he met them as judge. That so sounds like Jesus, doesn't it? Too fair for His own good always.)., I read here that one priest threatens excommunication (to pro-abortion supporters where it is known that they are, not some guess that they are)...another priest says flat out "I will NOT withhold the Eucharist to anyone who is pro-abortion in their voting and life actions." (" A house divided against itself cannot stand.") Then, I read "Fears reach crescendo that financial crisis will lead to a new world order" and I think: "I can see that because the Freemasons have been trying forever to get that deal going...perfect opportunity to scare and take advantage of markets to work it...")....then, I read: "...and all due to President Bush..." and think, madly (not that I think he handed everything perfectly or 'to say every single thing was due to him is a joke and an easy escape, cop-out for all the selfish greedy crooks out there.'

This financial mess is due to everything that always made me and my husband sick to see around us: materialism...everywhere...going rampant.

They say that the human mind finds it hard to place guilt on itself and is fantastic at making "excuses" where it really legitimizes what it did to lessen any guilt at all. I see that. We, before the "crash", were living in VERY very materialistic times. Everyone was nutso about having everything. On credit, of course :P. Every kid HAD to have a cell phone...HAD to have TEXTING option on their cell phone bill...HAD to have the latest this and that....HAD...everything was a "MUST HAVE"...but not a true need. You go to church and the parking lot looks like an upscale car dealership :P. Anyhow, to blame it ALL on President Bush is so stupid to me that I cannot see how any sensible person can say that in the media (or out) with a serious face. DENIAL. Denial. Denial. Cleopatra was not the only "queen of denial" :P.

So, anyhow, then, President Elect Obama is portrayed as other than human (Hmmmmm) a super god that will rid the planet earth of anything and everything bad and heal every "boo-boo" in your life.

It's insane. It's like: "Does this really make sense to people out I in the little minority?" Nobody finds it creepy??

We even had the movie lately called "Religerous" or something ridiculous :P. The guy who made it I can't stand...but I do feel he's a "believer who believes he doesn't believe." :P You know the sort...they start out okay...but slowly by slowly, they get more and more worldy and run with that sort of a crowd...start having "fun" and feeling shocked that they are getting "away" with it plain as the day is long and God is nowhere to be punishments...."ah, that's fairy tails" his new friends tell him and mock have that new found friendship, and not being strong in his faith to start with, you start to "slide"...until you slide right down into "the trap." So, he needs prayers. Poor little fool. It's funny how when you get one who is very far away from God, they always seem to want to bring others down, too...ever notice that? They are never well enough alone...but, they stand blind to the fact that nobody escaped death (save Jesus) yet...and it's a "one on one" deal....not a "buddy plan"...his buddies will not be with him at his judgement. That'll be a little scary for one who always relies on his buddy's feedback to fuel him. So, he and others like him, need prayer for their conversion.

(Like: prayer worked for this guy (a BIG abortionist): Incredible abortionist becomes pro-lifer after repeated dream of Aquinas So, we can never say "never"...keep praying!)

So, back to the matter, I just am feeling so "weary" of even wanting to turn any news media on or read anything just seems better to focus and pray on the needs of our times and watch the "signs of the times" because "he who has eyes watch and ears hear"...."keep the lamps lit with oil...keep a little extra smart and don't run dry"......

I don't want to be "oblivious" to what is going on around me, that's stupid, too. You need to know what to pray for AND what to take ACTION Catholics we are called to BOTH.

It just seems to be able to listen to all the muck about in the media, you really do need your hour of adoration and Mass for (spiritual) that you can listen and discern with the help of the Holy Spirit and stay "joyful" and "full of joy" ("again! I say Rejoice!" "when I suffer, I count it even better for more rejoicing!" eeks...who is that St Paul?! :P He certainly is OUR model for THESE times.). But, we need to be informed Catholics....watching and discerning with the Holy Spirit.

We will see a divided house as we have been & cannot get discouraged...and we all are "in the know" that "a divided house cannot stand"...and it won't...the Church will always stand...but perhaps with a remanent of what it is today as we know it.

All the Marian apparitions (approved and many many un-approved but not denied by the Church yet either)......they all point to "COME BACK" to the Gospel, to God, to love of neighbor and pray the Rosary daily (so powerful! when will we finally take it up and listen to our mother and pray at least a decade daily?!) convert back to God.....then, with Jesus tellling St Faustina that she was to write her diary of His mercy before he comes back as Just Judge....and in most apparitions, it is said that "the time is near..." (Of course, ONLY God knows when). But, looking around, you see "signs of the times". Nothing to "worry" about -- but certainly it gives us pause to reflect and pray about earnestly and also be sure we are prepared and our families for that heavenly intervention.

Until then, rejoice, let THEM know we "are Christians by our love." of mercy and love....smiles!! For goodness sakes, we need to smile and not look alarmed. We know who is on our side. We know the "rest of the story." Good wins, evil loses. Period. "And they lived happily ever after....." :)))) Every beautiful rose, even the top winners, have thorns. No cross, no glory. We can't expect not to have a cross. The heavier our cross is (pretty heavy lately)...the closer Jesus is...and that is why we feel the Cross more so. Jesus is close to us!!! :)))

This rambly sleepy blog was typed with good intentions, so I hope it came across readable and made sense ;). Time for sleep :) zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


RomanCatholic Deacon said...

let you know that someone is reading your Blob ;->))I agree with your sleepy thoughts! Even the Holy Father is talking about the Second Coming of Christ lately. Something is in the air. Meanwhile the suffering continues to grow for the Church as the world, especially the Masons, reject Life and push their evil agenda. As Our Lady said at Garabandal: Just when it looks hopeless, God will intervene with the Warning (Illumination) and correct the conscience of the world. Come soon Lord!

whitesmokeahoy said...

Good post - you must have felt better for getting that off your chest! Don't despair, we might have lost the battle but we are certain to win the war! Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!!

mom v many said...

Oh I soooooo get the sick kid thing! (We have 10 but are down to the last 5)

Due to some of the craziness in my neck of the woods (Vermont, pray for us!) I have now placed my blog on private.

The election was easier for us in that we ditched our dish this past June. My honey has his laptop rigged to our TV and we watch over the internet.

At least we know the end of this story! Sparky gets the big SNUFF!! BWAHHHHHh