Thursday, April 21, 2011

Site: No stigma in abortion -

Site: No stigma in abortion

Critics blast state-funded sex-ed Web site

This is really terrible!

These boys and girls need to see the "Priests for Life" website and READ and SEE the Truth about the baby in the womb growing...instead of not be told the truth and being told "it's much easier than it sounds.." from some site they may trust in their youthful ignorance while looking for the truth. Adults getting their pro-abortion agenda on the ignorant youth looking for answers is so wrong! That's my 2 cents on it.....what do you think?

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Smiley said...

Can you please link up this blog (i know selfish self promotion)

The pictures are from March for Life 2011 in Otttawa Canada. The maintream media 2 years ago did not report a thing (pictures of the 2009 march also on my blog), this year they have been lying calming it is only 5000 people when it was 15000 people.