Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Rector's Message from St Philomena's Official Shrine

Dear Devotees of our beloved Saint Philomena,

On this wonderful occasion of the 25th of May – the discovery of the Wonder Worker, Powerful Intercessor with God, and beautiful Virgin Martyr for our faith, Saint Philomena – I am very delighted to announce the publication of my new book. There could be no other fitting date to announce this book than on this special and significant anniversary of Saint Philomena’s divine arrival into our world at a time when the Christian community needed her the most. In God’s loving and protective way, He sent Saint Philomena to bring us renewed hope and focus on the virtue of purity and remaining steadfast to our devotion to Christ. To this day, He continues to pour out His mercy and healing power to those who come in contact with the Sacred Relics of Saint Philomena.

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This is the official site for St Philomena Holy Oil that is direct from the official shrine (some places offer oil that is NOT from the shrine).

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