Friday, August 14, 2009

"Lourdes of America"

I recently just visited what is called "Lourdes of America." I have never heard of it prior to the visit. Have you? It is a lovely place: Sanctuario de Chimayo....people go for healing and touch "healing dirt" (sand) from the holy "pocito" (well) where they found a huge Crucifix in 1810 (leave their memento's for gratitude for healings). The church is an operating parish.

The "dirt" found at the room is known as "pocito" (well) is considered holy because in this spot the crucifix of Our Lord of Esquipulas was found by Bernardo Abeyta in 1810.

If interested, you can find out more at their website:

P.O. Box 235
Chimayo, NM 87522- USA

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