Monday, October 27, 2008

Vote Pro-Life

Remember: about 9 die per day in the war, but 9 innocent babies die about every 13 seconds. There is no comparison. These pre-born growing American babies have not even yet committed one sin. They are pure innocence and they have 1 shot at life, as does each human created in God's image. Those who sign up for war, are adults who make the decision to sign themselves up, knowing the reality of the possible consequences...God bless them for their love of country and securing American freedom!

Saw this on another site....nice....thought I would share..forgot the site's name....

Why do I sit quiet while others scream their political views at me??

It's time for me to say something on at least one subject. One huge subject.

The Abortion Numbers

Consider: A million and a half new Americans are murdered every year by abortion.

While particular historical circumstances increase or decrease the number of Supreme Court appointments a president gets to make (some presidents get many and some get none), if we average out the differences, it turns out that a pro-abort president on average could extend the abortion holocaust by four years equivalent to the four-year term he spends in office.

At 1.5 million kids killed per year, that means that a pro-abort president would be responsible for extending the abortion holocaust to include six million additional murders.

When one takes into account the fact that about half of the recent presidents have had second terms, that would mean a pro-abort president would be responsible for extending the abortion holocaust to include approximately nine million Americans.

No other issue involves numbers that high. Nothing short of a full-scale nuclear or biological war between well-armed nation states would kill that many people, and we aren't in imminent danger of having one of those.

Not even terrorists with weapons of mass destruction could kill that many people. As vital as the issue of terrorism is, it does not get us up into the number of deaths caused by abortion. It would take three thousand 9/11-size events in a president's average term of office (more than one a day) to rack up sufficient deaths to make terrorism proportionate to abortion. Al-Qa'eda simply does not have enough suicidal fanatics to make terrorism proportionate to abortion.

Jobs? The economy? Taxes? Education? The environment? Immigration? Forget it. We do not have nine million people dying in a typical president's term of office due to bad job programs, bad economic policies, bad taxes, bad education, bad environmental law, bad immigration rules—or even all of these combined. All of them together cannot provide a reason proportionate to the need to end abortion.

Make no mistake: Abortion is the preeminent moral issue of our time. It is the black hole that out-masses every other issue. Presenting any other issues as if they were proportionate to it is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

-Jimmy Akin

I am not one to critisize those who have had abortions or have contributed to one. We all make mistakes in times of desperation. In my faith, murder is a mortal sin just as many of the sins that I have commited. So when I speak of or quote things about abortion I am not insinuating that I am better than anyone. If anything I am the worst kind because I believe in my faith and yet still fall into mortal sin. I pray for those who have had an abortion. And all those involved. Just as I pray for God to make me stronger when I fall into sin.

Here is a link for those seeking healing from abortions. Or help if you are considering one.

God bless you!

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